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  1. yeah shes done for that's around the vrm side to. once those pop chip even went with them most likely. also possibly high voltage to the gpu die and killed that along with it. when my motherboard did same thing vrm sent high voltage to my cpu and popped it was not great time forcing me to upgrade on little money i had since i needed a pc for my work schedules at the time.
  2. i scratch traces all the time. its kinda a normal thing at this point. even if it was a minor scratch aka a micro crack some times a solder blob can be enough to re bridge them if it ever got to that point (if its minor enough anyway then its spare wire time) usually i don't re coat em as never a problem for me anyway.
  3. interesting reminds me of my duo core 2 pci slot when i dropped the thing by accident gpu was toast but the slot was bent to who knows. still worked but i fixed it by putting something non conductive in the slot then used a flat nosed pair of pliers with tape on each side to not scratch the socket then when pulling back right direction i try to keep even weight down on it as i push it back up. was not perfect but was straighter than it was. if cant get it returned and stuck with it. try that but in this cause have to push it down wards since the right side is the bent area as left is fine.
  4. i see i see. a possibility as well i guess i could try
  5. yes a reply sorta to my self but not lmao. thanks for answers so far but i am welcome of anything else on if the card is possibly dying or such. ill be monitoring this thread for awhileish (will be slow in reply at some points) since of the situation in the world im just trying to find answers without spending anymore money i don't have before its to late really.
  6. interesting well i guess ill keep testing the card out till i get some more issues to be sure then
  7. i see. for me in canada plus its from memory express so its instore warranty they usually take care of it there and then. but im just asking this question as it seems like maybe i should turn it in before it decides to die for real.
  8. could try like 2933 or 3000mhz and see.. i had same issue on mine with the 2700x i cant run my 3200mhz kit at 3200 cause of a weird compatbility/controller limitation but 2933 was max i got.
  9. before anyone says its coil whine i know what it is however this sound has recently appeared after 2.9 years of owning this card and since got one month left of warranty i need to know if i should do something about it. now i had my pc in the shop due to blue screens non stop with the nt kernal whatever blue screen. some being system exception one. however they found its the ram kit i had gone bad and been fixed. however they never checked the gpu when i asked them to and i know cause never mentioned it. so things were fine now yesterday after 2 days getting
  10. ive had controllers die on some ssd's for no reason after so many years some times those will fail way before the nand does also seen some drives use no chip cooling aka thermal pad and some just use anti vibration pads in place of one (looking at you intel 300 series) which could cause it to fail faster.. i have a 7 year old one does that. but for me i don't even know if it was the ssd or my motherboard. i wont ever know since the motherboard caught on fire one day. (not saying that's the case so don't panic of course of the board being on fire lmao the system was as old as the ssd)
  11. yeah true. i never said it was good or bad either its a neutral point for me over all. but would be interesting plus depending on the use (as in if used in chemical sources then no) the disposable thing could work as a fertilizer as a final end product.
  12. ive had ssd's 7+ years old still working with way more TB writes and nands are still 100% honestly way ssd's are under actual normal use.. have a higher chance of the controller crapping before the nands would (had this happen on certain brands) other wise ive never killed a ssd at a nand level in my life. of course if use it as a scratch device for editing and rendering stuff then yeah the nands would crap really early.
  13. i probably would.. depending how its bent though it could be micro cracked it maybe touching but some times it could do something ive had ssd's stop working and giving them a flex bend would make them work again. would i use them for important things? nope don't even trust them after that.
  14. for me i dont see a problem with it though. long as its not self aware in anyway its nearly no different than a usual machine from metal and wires and code eheh. even article has mentioned they wouldnt be instead of just metal and plastics its just an organic version. long as they are not actual hurting the life the cells are from as well.
  15. geez this is like some fallout 4 institute synth level of insanity here. this could be interesting in the future.