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    LambdaSystems reacted to Kisai in You’re Still Gonna Buy Intel… - Core i9 10900K & i5 10600K Review   
    IHS, becomes less a "lid" and more a "permanent heatsink"
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    LambdaSystems reacted to takagi19 in Thread for Linus Tech Tips Video Suggestions   
    Just saw this ad on my Facebook newsfeed. This might be a good sequel to the phone watercooling series. Looks less janky than that copper plate strapped to the back of the phone. See if this is more effective than that. Upon checking, the seller is from China so you may start looking from there. This seems to be only worth around US$20 if there's no discount.

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    LambdaSystems reacted to Trik'Stari in Thread for Linus Tech Tips Video Suggestions   
    I'd really like to see LTT do a long-term video roundup of transparent UV reactive coolants and dyes, both premixed and concentrated.
    Specifically transparent UV reactive. because
    1. Pastel looks like ass.
    2. Pastel wrecks your loop and should not be used for long term use.
    3. It would be a waste of time in the video because again, pastel coolant looks like ass, just paint your res tube and get solid color tubing if that's the look you're going for.
    Specifically, I would be looking for which coolant/dye maintains its UV reactivity the longest, as well as how good they look under UV LED's at the beginning of the test.
    Recently, I purchased a "UV Reactive" Electric blue dye from Primochill and while it looks good for being blue, it is 100% not UV reactive at all, at least under my cablemods widebeam hybrid LED strips. Am disappointed because I've had somewhat good results in the past with Primochill dyes. As evidenced by the cover photo on my profile page.
    Just thought it would be an interesting project for you guys.
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    LambdaSystems reacted to DashDash in Thread For Tech Quickie Video Suggestions   
    So in these corona times when we're all in an endless teams/skype call probably a great time to make a video about one of the mysteries of the universe:
    how to make your audio output:
    1) actually output and
    2) output where you want it to output (headset, speakers, monitor?) 
    In the past I associated the mystical behavior of my audio output to the fact that I was always plunging and unplugging my pc to office/home monitor (bcs one of the monitor has sounds?) but these days I just accepted that spotify wont output from my docking station as everyone else...
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    LambdaSystems reacted to Fasauceome in "iOS Secuirty is fucked" -Zerodium Stops Accepting iOS Exploits Because of too Many Submissions   
    This is what happens when you behave hostile towards the people working into your system with good intentions. The ones with bad intentions will still find the exploits, Tim!
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    LambdaSystems reacted to Nystemy in I’ve been water cooling wrong for YEARS - $H!T Manufacturers Say   
    So re-watching the video and pausing more often than a sane person would, to note down the various statements made is a rather useful exercise.

    Then the whole video starts off with a total misunderstanding of what Corsair states.
    Corsair did indeed state that "adding a second smaller radiator for the exhaust would increase air resistance and likely negatively impact cooling performance in the Hack pro."
    Mainly since the output radiator were smaller than the input one in a fairly poorly ventilated case.
    Linus and the team then tests a case where they start with a small radiator on the front, then tests adding in a second much larger radiator at the top. (In a more well ventilated case as well...) Ie, the test doesn't even remotely test the scenario Corsair commented about.

    Yes, Linus and the team added a second "exhaust" radiator. And Corsair's comment were that the second "exhaust" radiator in the Hack Pro build were likely more restrictive then the much larger intake one. That it were an exhaust radiator weren't important. It were important that it were more restrictive to air flow.
    The test would have been more fair, if Linus and the team started with the large exhaust radiator, and then added the smaller intake one. But since the case were better ventilated then the system Corasir commented about, then there were other ways for air to easily enter the case, ie not creating as large of a pressure difference compared to ambient. (In the Hack pro, it would have lead to a positive pressure, in the test case it would lead to a negative pressure, but in both cases, the larger radiator would see less airflow.)
    Then we have the Minecraft server build.
    There the information provided in the video about Corsair's statement doesn't even state that there were a problem with adding more radiators, but rather how one could optimize the air paths to and from the radiators. As to get more efficient utilization of the radiators.
    Now stacking 3 radiators so that the air flows in series through them will work, and will exchange more thermal energy between the air and water.
    But a radiator has a fairly restrictive air path compared to an open space.
    Generally when it comes to radiators, we want as cold air as possible to flow through them.
    Because the amount of energy they can exchange is directly proportional to the delta temperature between the radiator and the air flowing through it.
    So here is an image of 3 different implementations for a multi radiator 2U server:

    Now, no radiator will heat the air to the liquid temperature of the loop.
    But with each radiator the delta temperature will be lowered by X %. (The exact value of X is dependent on the radiator you have, and this can be calculated if you have knowledge of air speed, loop temperature, and the air temperature before and after the radiator, loop flow speed can largely be ignored if sufficiently high. (like 5+ L/minute for most computer radiators since the temperature variation over the radiator will then be fairly marginal compared to the delta between air and rad.))

    So lets say that these radiators are able to exchange 20% of the delta. Ie, if the delta between the air and rad is 10 degrees, the air will be 2 degrees warmer after passing through the radiator.
    Then lets say we have a loop temperature of 45C and an ambient of 25C.
    Then both mine and Corsair's implementations would see a 4 degree C temperature rise for the air.
    LTT's implementation would see a 4 degree rise for the first radiator, a 3.2 rise for the second and a 2.56 degree rise for the third.

    Since every radiator has its own set of fans, then we can largely expect air flow through each rad to be roughly the same in all implementations.
    This means that LTT manages to take a volume of X air per second, and heat it with 9.76 degrees.
    Corsair manages to get to 4 degrees increase for twice the volume.
    And mine is also 4 degrees but for three times the volume.

    Now since we need the same amount of energy to heat X volume of air by Y degrees as we need to heat half of X volume by 2x Y degrees, then we can convert both mine and Corsair's results to be comparable to the LTT solution.

    Ie, Corsair gets to 8 degrees, and I get to 12.
    While LTT is at 9.76
    For using the same amount of radiators as I do, LTT gets only 81.3% as much heat out of their system. (Ie, they either need more fan speed, or can't run as power hungry components.)

    Now, Corsair gets beaten by LTT here to be fair, but if we rerun the numbers but say that our radiators are 50% efficient.
    Then LTT gets 10 + 5 + 2.5 = 17.5
    While Corsair gets 10 + 10 = 20
    And I get 10 + 10 + 10 = 30

    If the radiators are 75% efficient.
    Then LTT gets 15 + 3.75 + 0.9375 = 19.6875
    Corsair gets 15 + 15 = 30
    And I get 45....

    So its a question of how good those extra thick radiators are at exchanging heat, if they do a splendid job at it, LTT has the worst performance.
    If the radiators are shit, (something I would be surprised by) then LTT gets fairly good performance, but still not optimal.

    Though, I do have to say that I have oversimplified things here, its a rule of thumb that is off by a bit. (I after all don't want to make this comment 3x longer and 20x more boring to read.)

    Also, yes, removing a radiator from the LTT implementation will lower performance. (just pointing this out since it were mentioned in the video, yet another misunderstanding of what Corsair stated.)
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    LambdaSystems reacted to gremlicious in [Update: Reinforcement has arrived] GPU sag is the least of your worries - Asetek announces PCIe mounted radiator   
    alienware employee: hey so you know watercooling is designed to make your machine run quieter?
    asetek employee: yeah?
    alienware employee: well, what if we made it not that way
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    LambdaSystems reacted to Arika S in Denuvo Anti-Cheat, another new StarForce   
    Denuvo has always been massive cancer
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    LambdaSystems reacted to AnonymousGuy in I’ve been water cooling wrong for YEARS - $H!T Manufacturers Say   

    Pretty much everything watercooling has been tested already, years ago.  A few takeaways:
    1) You don't need as much airflow as you think.  It only helps very little to have tons of air flowing through a radiator.
    2) You don't need as much pump speed as you think.  Anything above a trickle is fine because the heat loads aren't absurdly large.
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    LambdaSystems reacted to CPotter in LTX 2020 Cancelled.   
    Due to concerns around the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we've made the difficult decision to cancel LTX 2020.
    We're sorry we weren't able to move forward, and also that we've taken so long to communicate with our community about it. The truth is, we've kept all our deposits and bookings in place because we've been hoping that some kind of miracle would take place that would allow us to move forward. It probably wasn't realistic, but after how much fun we had last year, we didn't want to let everyone down.
    At this point, all we can do is make sure that if you purchased a ticket for LTX 2020 you’ll receive a full refund. If you have purchased a ticket for LTX expect to receive a refund confirmation email within the next few weeks, you will automatically be provided with a full refund on the card that was used for your purchase. 
    To be clear, though, this is not the end. We will be doing everything in our power to bring back LTX for 2021 and we are already working on event dates.
    We also still want to do something this year, to make it up to you (and ourselves). We just need a bit more time before we can announce anything, so make sure you're keeping an eye on the LTX blog.
    Again, we're sorry. We hope to see you next year instead.
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    LambdaSystems reacted to Levent in Intel Core i9-10900K 10-core Processor and Z490 Chipset Arrive April 2020   
    New socket, "new" chipset. SAME OLE ARCHITECTURE. What a fucking joke.
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    LambdaSystems reacted to Bombastinator in Lensloking your netflix - new tactics to stop credential sharing   
    Same old same old.  “We can make a tiny bit more money if we make our product worse.”
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    LambdaSystems reacted to OutsideOctaves in Tons of Markiplier Fans Suspended for no good reason! (Google/Youtube overreach))   
    Google/Youtube has banned legions of accounts that were involved in a recent live-stream of Markiplier's just for apparently spamming emojis.  Markiplier was using this method with his fans as a way of voting for which choice they should make on a live-stream of his "A Heist With Markiplier" youtube original movie.  Markiplier has reached out to youtube, along with his mods to try and rectify this and as of this upload ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWaz7ofl5wQ ) Youtube has still not answered his emails (after 2 days of this, as of that upload).  This wasn't just a few fans either, this was TONS of people, people who barely even made like 4 responses to the live-stream all together!  This is a scary thing.  If you have anything going on (and this is an attempt to get this out to LTT staff as well to help keep this from happening to LTT and their fans as well).
    Don't use emojis right now with anything to do with google or youtube (Especially Live-Streams), you could potentially have your entire google account (not just youtube) suspended!  (banned)
    Again the link to the video on youtube addressing this:
    -Editorial Note:
    Mark's posted an update video detailing that Google/Youtube is working on fixing this in various ways.
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    LambdaSystems reacted to Arika S in Uber pays hacker's ransom and had them sign NDAs   
    Uber: hey, you hacked us, we'll give you money, but you cannot tell anyone about this
    hackers: and we won't go to jail?
    Uber: yep, we wont report you.
    *gets out in the public anyway*
    *hackers go to prison anyway*

    really nailing it there Uber
    EDIT: "There's incompetence, and then there's us. Uber. Everyone's private driver" 
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    LambdaSystems reacted to spartaman64 in Uber pays hacker's ransom and had them sign NDAs   
    source: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/uber-hack-company-allegedly-paid-hackers-ransom-had-them-sign-ndas/
    Wtf they didn't even ask for their money back though I guess 100,000 dollars to uber is like nothing. I guess uber really didn't want people to know about the breach and how did uber not only find out who they are but knew where to find them? Shit an uber hitman might show up at my house next week because I posted this. If i mysteriously stop posting you guys know what happened. But this is crazy uber found out who they were and tracked them down just to have them sign NDAs XD. Uber should have taken them to the police imagine if the headline instead was uber tracks down hackers, shows up at their house and hauls them to the police station. People would be like dang uber's badass I ain't even mad my information got stolen. ... Ok maybe they'd still be mad but still.
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    LambdaSystems reacted to TVwazhere in NVIDIA GeForce 3070/3080/3080 Ti (Ampere): RTX Has No Perf Hit & x80 Ti Card 50% Faster in 4K! (Update 6 ~ Specs / Overview / Details)   
    So, this is ENTIRELY rumor, the sources are "itself" and WCCFTech, and they flat out admit that they know truly nothing about the GPU's...
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    LambdaSystems reacted to GoodBytes in Admins Angry at Attempted Anarchy - Microsoft planning to give Office 365 users ability to bypass their admins and buy their own addons   
    Many companies don't make it aware to their employees that they have a channel in place (and many companies simply don't have anything, which is another problem in my book) to listen to their employee and have an IT team that works FOR them (and the company best interest, of course). Or make it incredibly hard with the requirement of having a full on business case to justify any purchase or installing a software that they acquire themselves (yes, I understand that it makes sense if an employee is asking this very expensive software out of nowhere and wants the company to pay for it... and you may want director and/or manager approval, but for the rest... it is silly, especially if the employee wants to pay for it, and it is all legit software from a trusted company, that is my point)
    If IT works FOR and not AGAINST its employee and are open to find solution if something is not possible, then this kind of worry is not even on the radar (I am not saying that users should be admin, but we should not close all doors). When I worked in IT ages ago, we had such system in place. We even switch anti-virus solution due to few (yes, only few) complaints about it. When the renewal arrived we didn't renew and switch to one that still fit our needs but also employees.
    Example situation of what offered: An employee wants to a software for managing windows (say, Display Fusion), we validate it quickly (make sure the software is valid, license is valid (not pirated) doesn't fall against company policies and so on, and it gets installed on their system. If it doesn't get approved (say it is a crap or questionable software), we see what they want, and find an adequate software solution that meets their needs. We don't say no and bring no solution. In a typical 'all good' situation, and they are willing to pay for it, it gets installed fairly quickly, (same day even), no need approval from their manager and director as they are no point.
    What did we get? Well we got a lot of recognition from employees, and I can't count the number of food related items we were given each month by employees due to our quick service and us working with them. Of course that is the culture at play of the work place. If you work in IT, and experienced multiple jobs, I think you can agree that it is not common thing. That is the difference.
    Regardless, in this case, the software in question is from Microsoft, it is trusted software, and so, if the employee wants to install it (and willing to pay for it), then what harm does it bring? If you don't want to support it, then why? How is that any different from another support call? Why put stick on people wheels? If anything, it gives you work, and more work is always better than not enough work. It is, in a way, a good problem to have.
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    LambdaSystems reacted to Sauron in Screen protector defeats Samsung Galaxy S10 fingerprint reader   
    I've said for years that if you care about security you should use a normal password.
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    LambdaSystems reacted to TempestCatto in Unpopular Tech Opinions   
    Smart tech is dangerous and trash. Like smart home stuff and any other IOT. They're unsecured and over priced. They're for lazy people (though I guess disabled people can benefit from some stuff).
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    LambdaSystems reacted to 5x5 in Unpopular Tech Opinions   
    Laptops have become too "thin and light" at the expense of everything else
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    LambdaSystems reacted to mr moose in Spotify to Tackle Family Plan Sharing by Asking Users For Locations   
    Remember when you didn't have to tell a company where you lived, worked or played in order to listen to a CD.
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    LambdaSystems reacted to Delicieuxz in Steam distribution policy prohibits Epic Games / Tim Sweeney from exclusivizing any Steam-marketed games   
    Valve have updated [correction: the clause has existed for a long time - see bottom of this post for more information] their Steam Distribution Agreement terms to prevent Epic Games or another company from exploiting Steam's userbase and storefront by advertising and building popularity for an upcoming game on Steam and then forming an exclusivity deal that restricts the game to another platform while not delivering the game to Steam's users.
    The new stipulation in the Steam Distribution Agreement requires that products for which a publisher has created a Steam store page must be released on Steam no later than they are released on other PC platforms. Valve's new policy also mandates that any patches for Steam versions of games receive are delivered to Steam no later than they are to other PC platforms.

    This is potentially not the first move Valve have made to stymie Epic Games' poaching of games already marketed on Steam. In late November of 2018, just one week before Epic Games announced their own store for 3rd-party games, Valve lowered their store fees, possibly out of having a forewarning that EGS was about to offer a much lower store/game publisher revenue-split. However, EGS' store fee isn't necessarily lower than Valve's after all the details are factored in.
    I believe this is a very good move by Valve and one that serves the interest of not only Valve but also gamers who don't want their interest in an upcoming game abused by having it plucked into exclusivity by EGS after Tim Sweeney notices it's becoming popular on Steam, or who just don't want to see the anti-consumer practice of exclusives, period.
    More information about Tim Sweeney's flip-flopping attitude towards exclusives, walled-gardens, and competition / anti-competition practices are provided in this blog post:
    -------------------- updated information --------------------
    It is now reported that the clause recently brought up has existed in the terms of Valve's Steam Distribution Agreement since at least 2017. This raises the question of why has Valve not acted on violations of it by the publishers of Metro Exodus, Shenmue III, The Outer Worlds, and others?

    The clause has been in the Steam Distribution Agreement since at least 2017. The SDA refers to whoever agrees to it (and anyone publishing on Steam must first agree to it) as a "signee" to the agreement which is between "Valve Corporation" and "[Company Legal Name]", indicating that the agreement is a serious, binding contract. The SDA says it becomes effective upon the date that it is agreed to, which will always be before any Steam store page is created for a game.
    This means that Valve had the authority and right to stop and prevent EGS' game of paid-for exclusives regarding so many anticipated big titles all along, but didn't. Valve should be able to sue, for breach of contract and damages, the publishers who have advertised their games on Steam only to later make their games exclusive to EGS.
    To not enforce that policy isn't just allowing the unjust exploitation of Steam and leaving unanswered the abuse of Steam users who are building popularity on Steam for games that ultimately get poached by EGS leaving those Steam users disappointed, but it is also weakening the credibility and authority of the Steam Distribution Agreement by suggesting that it can apparently be flaunted through violations without there being any repercussions for doing so.
  23. Informative
    LambdaSystems reacted to spartaman64 in researcher publishes second steam 0 day, valve doesn't care   
    source: https://www.zdnet.com/article/researcher-publishes-second-steam-zero-day-after-getting-banned-on-valves-bug-bounty-program/
    tl;dr: valve doesn't care about security flaws their steam client causes as long as it doesn't help in an initial break in.
    This is like saying as long as something can't help in starting a fire its not a fire hazard. Maybe OSHA should go investigate valve's offices if this is how they view things. Combating viruses isn't just about preventing them from getting in but also limiting what they can do when they do get in. Just like fire hazards are not just stuff that can cause a fire to break out but also what might contribute to the fire getting worse or preventing people from escaping the building. It feels like over the years valve is becoming more and more lazy and complacent and I guess that's what happens when you become essentially a monopoly. As much as I don't like some of epic's philosophy this changed my mind about them a little and showed me that we need them to compete with steam. 
  24. Funny
    LambdaSystems reacted to emosun in researcher publishes second steam 0 day, valve doesn't care   
    wait a minute.... you're saying valve are a bunch self absorbed buttheads that only care about money?

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    LambdaSystems reacted to 5x5 in Intel wants reviewers to benchmark using windows media player instead of cinebench for low end mobile   
    Also, deb8uer is not happy that Intel are using his videos in a misleading way.