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  1. 2 hours ago, ChemicalRascal said:

    Someone mentioned in an analysis of the Hero (within the context of it being essentially the same board as the Formula, ergo the Formula is effectively just a Hero with a VRM waterblock slapped on top) that the VRM on both boards is pretty much capable of cooling itself passively -- and while a waterblock on the chipset would make more sense, it would also make the board unusable for anyone who wasn't running a custom loop.


    Hopefully EK finishes the job, though. Having a fan bolted in there is... Eeeeh.

    Wouldn't the Hero be more suitable though if somone doesn't do water cooling? Kinda pointless to pay more for the formula and go with air

  2. The asrock aqua looks cool but getting one might be tricky since they only make 999 of them.

    The only passive 570 MB I've seen is the aouros extreme, but it seems to be about as expensive as the aqua.


    11 hours ago, TacticalBigBoss said:

    I'm hoping EK makes a chipset block as I want to get the x570 Crosshair VII Formula and plan to water cool the whole thing as well.

    The fact that ASUS put a block on the VRM but not on the chipset on the Formula seems so dumb, loses a bit of the point to have a fan on a water cooling focused MB.

  3. 34 minutes ago, Princess Luna said:

    I'd avoid Zotac for the high end, they often have issues there... remember the AMP! Extreme design flaw on 1080 Ti's that made VRM temps go through the roof? if you want a card with water block out from factory I'd say no other option is as good as the Gigabyte Aorus eXtreme Waterforce.


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    I saw that mentioned somewhere too that their 1080 TI's had some issues, but was thinking they might have fixed them.

    It doesn't have to be factory installed. It was mostly the waterblock that caught my eye on this one. The standard EK and such blocks have a bit boring looks.

  4. Does anyone have experience with Zotac Artic storm 2080 ti or other Zotac 2080 ti's? I'm looking for a new card for my build and this one looks interesting. But I can't find much information and reviews about it, only one review in german.

    How is it's quality and overclocking?

    From the review I did find it seems to have issues with the power limit, it's lower than other brands, so I'm also wondering if anyone seen an bios for it that increases the power limit? It seems a bit daft that a watercooled card only have a power limit of 330W.

  5. Knowing the latest and greatest hardware as software engineering is probably not that important as others already said here. But knowing some basics about parallelization, caching and similar basic "how hardware works" can be important, sometimes critical. Wrong loop order and other non cache friendly code can be very costly for the speed despite being very simple misstakes. There is a guide that is a good introduction to cahcing for programming. Most of this stuff has been around for a while so I doubt it would become outdated soon. But how knows, some of the techniques used(branch prediction) are one of the causes behind spectre and similair security holes so I wouldn't be suprised if it gets changed in the future.

  6. Good video, but sad to see you didn't try using the same fans on all the coolers. Noctuas fans are usually viewed as among the best so I wouldn't be suprised if the Noctua cooler was best because of the difference in fan quality. However changing the AIO's fans would ofc mean that it gets even more expensive.