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  1. Is it possible that my RAM is faulty even though memtest86 and windows memory diagnostics show no errors at all? I’ve been getting tons of BSoD lately to the point where i cant even use my PC anymore. I went and looked up all the different symtoms of dying parts and RAM seems to be the only one that cause distorted graphics, other than GPU which i already confirmed to be fine. i would give logs but i i get bluescreened or the PC freezes 20 seconds or so after logging in. ive also done a reinstall of windows + a harddrive swap. So all im left wit
  2. Hello! As the title suggests i'm here to ask if my memory is dying or if there might be some other problem with my system. My specs are: I7 6700k 4.01GHz GTX 960 16GB DDR4 2133MHz Some i've been having some issues recently. I've gotten some Blue screens with codes varying from IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL to SYSTEM SERVICE EXEPTION I've also had stuttering in some games and also when i play league of legends it crashes very frequently. Another thing is when i watch youtube and tab away. Whenever i tab back to youtube the screen is just black for a few seconds before it starts to wo
  3. Alright thank you for clearing it up for me. Was just a bit afraid that they might overheat or smth.
  4. It did get to 51C when i was playing games. It might have gone even higher if i didnt point my desk fan at the case to cool it down a bit lol
  5. Hello! Got a quick little question about some temperature stuffs. I recently bought a used PC as my old one broke and i just dont have enough money for a new one. Anyway. I've noticed that the SSD idles at 40~ °C and my HDD sits at around 35°C I'm not too familiar with temepratures but 40°C seems a bit too hot for an SSD on idle? I'm also thinking that the temperatures might be wrong too. As i've opened the case and the HDD is way hoter than the SSD, which is almost cold even. But yet the SSD's temperatures are much higher. So i'm not quite sure whats going on here. I've been planning on
  6. Its a HP board i believe. Tried searching it up and it said smth about bad video? But its weird, coz it works fine with the 960, and the 560 also works in the other pc... Not really sure whats going on here. Uninstalled all drivers and tried again, nothing. Changed cables around, nothing.
  7. Tried reseating but cant due to cables being in the way, stuck in my 960 again and it works fine so its possible that smth went vad with the 560
  8. Hello! So a little back story before we get into th maine issue. So my PSU broke a while back, so ive been letting my brother use my GPU (960 strix) in the meantime. He previously used a 560 Ti. Anyway, i finally got a new PSU for my pc and we decided to change back. The issue now is that hissystem wont boot anymore. There are 6 beeps and the power button is flahing red. Could this be because the 560 cant use the latest nvidia drivers? Or did we fuck something else up. Help would be extremely appreciated!!!
  9. Onboard, directly into the laptop
  10. Hello! I have this weird issue where i hear a beeping noice in my headset whenever i turn on the RGB ( any effect ) on my Steelseries Apex M800 keyboard The weird or interesting thing, depending how you look at it. Is that the volume of the beeping changes with the brightness of the colors on the keyboard. So a bright white will produce a much louder noice compared to a dark purple, and when i completely turn all colors off the beeping goes away. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!!
  11. Oh sorry. I thought i send a message earlier but i guess not. I missed one small cable when unplugging the USB hub, but the problem seems to have gone away after i removed that last cable. So its probably something with that USB hub. I never use it though so having it disconnected isn't an issue and i will probably be getting a new PC in the near future anyways. Thank you so much for the quick replies really appreciate the help!
  12. Okay, i tried unplugging the USB thing at the top of my case but i am still being spammed with the error message and connect/reconnect sound
  13. Oh, I don't have one at the front. But i do have a little USB hub thing at the top of my case. I haven't used it in super long i forgot if it broke or if i just don't use it. Anyway it's super late here right now. Will get back to you tomorrow after i've tried disconnecting it.