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  1. Heres a few screenshots from the event viewer. Not sure if they could be the cause, or if they are normal. https://glaze.s-ul.eu/FGGdmLO7.png https://glaze.s-ul.eu/1VXdGZBk.png Error setting traits on Provider {8444a4fb-d8d3-4f38-84f8-89960a1ef12f}. Error: 0xC0000001 I can't really see anything that would have caused the freeze. Most of them are just from the forced restart, i think? Considering all my hardware is brand new excep the gpu, could the gpu be the cause? Though the gpu is only a few months old too
  2. Got 1 freeze today, and it was super late at night this time. Noticed stuff slowly stopping to respond. opened HWmonitor and task manager to see if i could see smth in there which might have been the casue. But HWmonitor had completely stopped to update all the info same with taskmanager. I was able to click the turn off / restart button but neither would do anything. Was able to get into the lock screen with Windows key + L, and in there i was able to hit the shutdown button but it was just stuck in an endless loop, with the loading circle thingy..... If anyone has any idea what is causing th
  3. Another small update which i kinda of just thought about. I've had 2 freezes since i got the pc. Both where just a couple hours or less after first boot of the day so i'm curious to see if i freeze again tomorow. I'll keep this updated.
  4. Only thing i installed to monitor stuff was HWmonitor. But that doesnt run in the BG
  5. Hello! As the title suggest i just built a new system for the first time a few days ago and have already experienced 2 freezes. Both freezes occured within an hour or 2 of first startup and both happend while being on youtube. Chrome kind of stopped responding and wasnt allowing me to close it down. Moused over the icons in task bar and they would highlight as usual but not do anything. Few seconds later those also stop responding and the PC just freezes completely forcing me to restart. On the second freeze i tried restarting monitor and that just led me to a black screen instead. No
  6. Alright, was just curious coz i've been experiencing some freezes on my new built system, so im just trying to rule stuff out
  7. Yeah i did order a Y splitter so i will plug radiator fans and case fans seperately
  8. Hello! Noticed in HWmonitor that my values on these are slightly higher than than what they should be. Is this an issue? https://glaze.s-ul.eu/oRE75ef1.png
  9. In that case do i need to get a splitter or is it fine like this?
  10. ok ok so i should be fine then, nothing will die i hope
  11. The fan hub and all fans it says in the manual tho to connect hub to cpu or sys fan
  12. Cpu header is 2A 24W Radiator fans 0.2 A * 3 = 0,6 1.32 W * 3 = 3,96 3 rgb fans, 0.1A * 3 = 0,3 1.2 W * 3 = 3,6 1 stock fan, doesnt say but prob same as others. So 0,9 A and 7,56W Also do you mean that the SATA pushes 4.5 amps into the cpu header???