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    Executive IT and AV Support for Regeneron Pharmaceuticals


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    Ryzen 9 3950x
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    MSI X570 WiFi
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    64GB G.Skill 3600 DDR4
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    ROG STRIX 11GB 1080 Ti
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    Corsair 680x RGB
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    5x Samsung 840 Pro 500GB
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    Corsair RMX 1000i
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    ASUS G-Sync PG278Q
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    Corsair 380mm H150i
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    Too many to list
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    Current: G Pro Wireless
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    Razer Soundbar, and Astro A40 Gen 4
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    Windows 10
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    Lenovo T470s

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  1. 100% fair. Thank you for the response. I'll pose the question again if I see increased discussion to possibly warrant it in the future, but thank you for laying it out! take care,
  2. No worries at all. I figured it wouldn't hurt to bring up. I also had a more detailed reply above. Thanks for getting back to me!
  3. That's a fair point. There is a broad spectrum in regards to AV, but I was mainly focused on production. Such as events, television, and general broadcast. Working with video switchers, SDI, NDI, and congolomerated A/V setups that go outside of the consumer space. While it is niche, there is a community for it. To answer your question, no - I haven't personally seen any, but I don't think folks are going to be discussing XLR/SDI runs for most home-theater systems, as they are applicable to larger-scale events. Also, with the pandemic, NDI has seen a rapid uptick, as it is allowing full o
  4. Who do you think would be the best person to reach out to, regarding this?
  5. While there is a "other" discussion board, I feel like the AV community, especially the production side could have a bigger voice in this community. Lots of folks in the AV side, albeit with Video Conferencing, Events, Speaker Arrays, SDI, and Live Production could use a larger community to bolster discussion within the field. Just a thought.
  6. I think you have just worded this question in a way that is confusing many people. OEM just means Original Equipment Manufacturer. Gaming motherboards are just a type of motherboard that has software in the BIOS that is overclocking friendly. Other motherboard variants could be: - Server Motherboards (sometimes have dual sockets, but have support for ECC RAM mainly) - Workstation Motherboards - "Business" Motherboards - Laptop motherboards Perhaps this video by Linus will help
  7. Assuming that voltage is your RAM? We can't get enough information, as it'll help us try to come up with a fix. Have you looked through your motherboard to see if there's any bulging capacitors? Have you done any BIOS updates? It's sort of exhausting to have to pry.
  8. Have you ran any diagnostics? Like memory tests? Are you getting a blue screen? have you checked the error logs in windows? Have you done any overclocking? Are your voltages showing okay?
  9. We're all happy to help, but this is similar to going to the doctor and saying "randomly I cough, what is wrong with me?" Have you run any diagnostics? Doing things under heavy load? Replicatable? Any information can help us help you!
  10. Wow! In all my years of working with computers I have only had ONE CPU die. You would almost never think to check. Glad you got it worked out man. Sorry I couldn't help!
  11. Did you also do a bios update? That usually expands compatibility
  12. From GN: WD Blue Best Uses (Everyday computing, mainstream) WD Black Best Uses (Gaming, creative professionals, power users) WD Red Best Uses (Network Attached Storage) WD Purple Best Uses (Surveillance, DVR, NVR) WD Green SSD (Entry-level) WD Blue SSD (Mainstream) WD Black SSD (High-performance) Full article here! https://www.gamersnexus.net/guides/2796-wd-blue-vs-black-vs-red-in-2017
  13. Just popping back in to see if you were able to figure this out?
  14. I mean, if you're looking for a cinematic experience getting a low reponse time 60-120FPS may be the way to go. If you're looking for a competitive advantage, that's when you get 144+
  15. SOL, unless you hook up a USB hub for mouse/keyboard support. (Android Only)