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    Merchant Navy


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    ASUS X570 Tuf Gaming
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    32GB Patriot Viper Steel Series 3200 DDR4
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    Palit GTX1080ti GameRock Premium
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    NZXT H500
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    Samsung Evo 860 1TB, AData NVMe M.2 AX6000 1TB. Toshiba 4TB HDD, Seagate 3TB HDD
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    Corsair RM1000x
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    65" Samsung NU8070
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    Corsair H100i
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    AudioQuest Dragonfly v2
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. Mine is the MSi B459-A Pro...and they are actually very similar...Like you I'm starting to think it might just be crap boards at this MSi price point...There are tons of failures in the Event Viewer which made me think it was hardware upsetting the system.. I originally thought RAM too as I use 4 sticks but, like you, mem check checked out ok......I think it is a power delivery issue...
  2. update: So I set the CPU for 95% utilisation then boosted to 4.1 in MSi Command....running perfectly. Quite an odd outcome.
  3. There is a Asus X370 Crossfire VI for only £40 more........this is why I hate component shopping lol
  4. I can still take a refund and source something else...in case I made it seem like I ONLY had these choices... I just don't need anything extreme...except the sata obviously lol.. Hence why the Taichi seemed possible because it seems to have really good reviews...only that it is a much older series...if that matters..
  5. The MSi B450-A pro board (£68) I have is going back to the retailer due to them telling me it could take 6 Sata AND M.2 at the same time...it switches off 5&6 when M.2 used but the board has also seemed quite unstable.. I need all the Sata ports.. The retailer has offered me a few choices...An AsRock Taichi X370, MSi B450 AC Carbon wifi, MSi X470 Pro Carbon ( £15 - £40 - £50 more each board). I know the Carbon is only 6 sata too but the addition of AC wifi is appealing. 'Value' is a big concern here...otherwise I would just buy a Crosshair VII lol. I have all the components in my signatur
  6. Yeah, it only happens in games, so no random freezing. Temperatures are good...The 2600 has litteraly never been above 60 and that was a slightly bad seating...it stays arounf 33-58C depending on use as The H100i is very good at keeping temps down and stable. I have an old M700 from Cooler Master, I'll try that, thanks
  7. Playing Warhammer 2 and it will just go from game to desktop with no phasing...just immediately with no warning or 'this happened' from Windows. CPU, Graphics not overclocked....Is it possibly a PSU issue...or maybe having 4 sticks of RAM in the board...Specs are as per my signature below. Is there anything I can check or do to fault find?
  8. thank you...Medion say it's a ECS board but have no specs..ECS say it is not an ECS board and are a bit annoyed at Medion using their name....I feel this might blow up. Either ECS is mistaken or Medion are not only misrepresenting the truth but are supplying boards with zero information regarding specs..safety, eWaste regulations....lots of stuff. Thanks again for the info though.
  9. I own a Medion Akoya S6215T Laptop (I think it has also been known as the Touch 300 ). It has a 4200u with an older nVidia GT745 chipset and it's an Intel 8series... Medion have point blank REFUSED to give me any information regarding the mainboard..like nothing. They gave me 2 codes, both of which give nothing ( NB BB ECS S6615T / US55INE1 MEDION I.S. & MSN 40047324 )....I've never came across a company who refuses to even give a part number, I thought they had to because of EU regulations regarding fair use, eWaste and Distance selling act...but they they even tried to pawn me off with a
  10. Sorry, was away working and I work on a ship...wasn't ignoring you. Hope you got it all sorted :)
  11. I've been an Intel fan since my 'issues' with a new Duron system a LONG ass time ago.....lol. I wil;l say this though, I just bought a 2600x, MSi B450-Pro,32GB Patriot 3200 Steel Series DDR4, all brand new for £280 and a Palit 1080ti GameRock Premium almost new for £400...It plays Warhammer 2 on full Ultra on a 65' 4K @ 60-80+ fps. If I were you I would really look at the NEW Ryzens.... The Leaks out today from Intel HQ show they are truly terrified of the chips...
  12. It's odd someone asking about a 9900k when Ryzen 2nd gen is just weeks away........AND that intel will drop 10% off the 9900k within days.
  13. In the UK I managed to source a 2600x + MSi B450-Pro board for £160 brand new about 1month ago. 32GB of Patriot 3200 Steel Series Viper was £120 brand new... These would be fine with your 970.