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    I'm on this forum. What do you think.
  1. @Rydeen You would be correct they are all the same (did that so i wouldn't get my accounts mixed up)
  2. I'm in the US and play mostly war thunderer and battlefield 4 but also have other games but i have no friends to play them with, Skype is maxtuckerpc
  3. my steam is maxtuckerpc1998 i play on both EU and US servers anybody use razer comms ?
  4. I recently started to play war thunder(mostly ground forces) and thought it would be cool if we could get a bit of a team going anybody interested?
  5. i would have him go with this one http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834152668 as it comes with the i7 and better gpu (: for only about 50 more dollars its a much better deal
  6. i have a netgear 3400 v2 router that i want to turn into a wifi extender for my house since the router centrylink gave me is a complete pos.can anyone tell me how to do this.this router is not dd-wrt supported.
  7. i have a asus g46vw laptop and was wondering if there were any good and relatively cheep options for a external gpu
  8. both if possable,the pc im using is a asus g46vw so power isnt a problem,but more speed is always good (:
  9. hey guys just wondering how i can make windows more optimized....also if there is any software for my pc that is a must. thank you
  10. I just got a asus g46vw with the core i5 and a gtx 660m gpu.....i know i wont be playing games on ultra detail at 100 fps but is this gpu good enough for some gaming,games like the battlefield series,cod,crysis,ect. at 720p also what kind of numbers should i expect and is there anything that i can do to get more out of this system,already got a ssd. but anything software wise
  11. also does anyone know where to get discounted game cards