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  1. thanks for the help, actually helped my understand headphones much better!
  2. Hey all, Happy New Year, I hope you are all keeping safe and sane! I was wonder if anyone knew anything about some good headphones on the market between £100-£150 ($135-$205) I have heard that Sony wireless XM3/XM4 headsets are a very close rival to the Bose QC35, and they have cheaper headsets too. Beyerdynamic, AKG, behringer and sennheiser for example all make headphones and headsets, from budget to premium and professional. the problem with over ear headsets (wired with a mic) is most models are gaming orientated which are tuned to enhance bass frequencies (
  3. Ok. first off hi. second back again with another fault. I have got hold of some 3.5 sata drives from some old low latency servers which were fucked. miraculously they all still work. problem is i have 10 of them and not enough space in the pc. they are between 500gb to 1 tb. i was wondering if there is a way of putting them into a stand which is synced up to the pc allowing a lot more space for the pc and not worrying about storage space. I did also here about possibly optimising the hdds which allows them to run faster in the pc but not sure what that is about.
  4. so with a full reset and leaving this for a long time off. still no change. nothing in the 3 weeks has been moved the router has not been changed the pc has not been altered it's spontaneously happened will see what my internet provider say but it's seems to be only this pc and no other device.
  5. @Jarno. so this is the ping from the laptop on the same router
  6. @Jarno. it looks like step 2 between default gate way has some serious jumps
  7. So. back again with more than my tapping the router with a spanner brain can understand. I have a pretty shite internet speed (16.8 down 0.5 up) but it runs things well. well it did. see where i'm trying to go is recently my internet has been causing my games and my voice connection to jump out at times. i opened command prompt on windows to see the ping go from a steady 28ms to a whopping 3286ms in 1 every 10. this is via wireless so i understood it would jump but never has jumped that high ever. this is week 3 and this still happens. the only difference is now i retried the ping test on 3 di
  8. this is going to sound dumb and a big ass rant but hear me out. oh my god i have never found it so hard to find a tutorial to install the nzxt hue line of pc rgb lighting strips. the nzxt hue + is on but the light strips don't light up and the CAMapp says " please select one or more channels in order to apply these changes". it doesn't even find the driver. i got this hue+ when i first started building this pc and wanted to add more colour than i have already but this THING is so dumb or is it just me. maybe it's me but i really need so help with this one. anyway enough ranting fr
  9. so this is solved ( i think) must have been a loose cable due to my fat fingers not pushing it in hard enough anyways thanks @Faisal A for your help and @fasauceome for the the small but useful input.
  10. @Faisal A I removed all cables from the power and mobo and slotted then back in and now letting it run to see it it shuts off
  11. So I’m not sure what forum this should go in so putting it in this one. I built a brand new pc from scratch and it has been working perfectly for a while (3 months) but recently it has started to shut down randomly with on the RAM still on. Sometimes it won’t turn back on with the power button is pressed sometimes it turns back on randomly. Not sure what the problem is and I don’t want to mess around with it and end up breaking it for good cause getting a replacement is spenny as most of you already know. Some help would be really great cause this is slightly worrying. Many thanks.
  12. Ok so i posted a topic about pc parts and what to pick cause I had very little clue how and what improves the speed and quality of a pc (and you guys were so helpful thank you so much), BUT, I forgot something, something important, if you haven't already read the title I forgot about monitors and the problem of bottlenecking, see my first thought would be hey just plug in my 5-year-old Samsung sync masters with 1440 x 900 at 75 Hz capability and boom I'll be playing DBD on a good quality screen with all my other pc players but dumb me forgot that that is the dumbest idea imaginable (that or pl
  13. https://pcpartpicker.com/user/remistus/saved/#view=T3YMZL