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  1. Read through the guide, quite comprehensive and I can't think of any additional questions. Thank you!
  2. I'm about to build my new gaming rig and thought this would be an ideal time to replace my very full SSD C drive. I currently have a 500 GB SSD drive for C and a 1 TB HDD for D and I'm looking to expand that by adding a new SSD for C. Turning my current C drive into a regular drive and then keeping the 1 TB drive as is. The only problem is I have no idea what process is involved in replacing a C drive without losing everything on that drive and having to reinstall windows. Do you clone the current C drive to the new one and then format the original C drive? What softwar
  3. Hey everyone! Just about to put together my new computer in my CM H500P case. The specs sheet on the case say the top supports up to a 360 mm rad so I went to my local computer store and bought myself a Corsair H150i after doing some research. The H150i states that it's a 360 mm rad but after doing some more reading it seems it's closer to 400? So, clearly those numbers don't match up. My question is, is this kind of an industry standard (where 360 mm rads are typically closer to 400 mm) or did Corsair mislead their customers by understating it's size by around 40 mm?