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  1. I dont know why, but some days later I tried resetting my password again and it worked... Thank you for your support guys!
  2. I wiped the cache and the cookies, but it still won't work. Also went through the whole process on my smartphone, same thing there.
  3. Hi guys! Linus posted a community message on the LTT YouTube channel half an hour ago saying that we should help stress test the new LTT minecraft server. I haven't played Minecraft for some weeks and when I tried to start the game it prompted me to login. Unfortunately I could not remember my password, so I tried resetting it via an E-Mail link. After I recieve the mail and click on the link, I can type in a new password, but when I click on confirm, a message will show up saying that the password reset link is expired. The mail says the link will be valid for 48 hours, so why
  4. Hi, have you flashed the newest BIOS on your motherboard? Older boards such as B350 or X370 ones require a BIOS update.
  5. Haha I actually bought them for cheap in China xD. I don't know exactly what kind of bearings they have, but I think they have "sleeve bearings"... I'm not a fan expert..
  6. Hi guys, so I bought some PC-fans and installed them in my second rig. I mounted them on the bottom of the case so they push air to the graphics card. But I noticed very annoying noise coming from them when mounted this way. When I mount them vertically, the noise disappears. I thought that the noise was caused by the hanging position of the fan blades, so I tried to counteract the gravity and to pull the fan blades up again in some way. I grabbed some relatively weak magnets and put them on the back of the fans. This seemed to solve the problem: the fans are very silent now. Bu