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  1. are you sure your grandparents want any ssd?it sure if fast,but u cant store lots data on it?what if your grandparents want watch some movies?just any cheap 1t hdd for storage
  2. minutes ago #1 MSI Infinite X Plus 9SE-272US Enthusiast Gaming Desktop GeForce RTX 2080 8G Intel Core i7-9700K 16GB 512GB SSD + 2TB HDD Windows 10 Pro VR Ready + KB and Mouse. so i bought new from amazon for my wife and child.installed 660g worth games and 320g videos from external hdd next morning then i started to boot pc,i didnt boot.so i checked cables.still didnt boot.removed hdd computer booted fine,installed hdd back in and pc didnt boot again. then i tried same thing with my old pc same thing happend. tried same thing
  3. so what are chances that ohter components are fine?it happened during night then i switched my pc to sleep mode.. psu is completely soaked with water where pipe leaked. i havent had time thx to my work to fix anything.so what are chancess,gpu,mobo,ram,hdd,sdd and cpu are still working if i replace psu with new 1?i dont see or smell fried electronic anywhere
  4. you got bad deal linus..a bit google search reveals that this brand uses cheap brand caps what offen fail before warranty end or shortly after warranty
  5. looking new laptop max 500 euro.it must have have amd or nvidia gpu.only game it needs to run is gta v on full hd or 720p. can anybody suggest what brand i should buy..i see that hp laptops are cheap in shops,but are they reliable?
  6. myself got over 14 computers.oldest one my collection is an apple 3 what was my first computer..few atari and some nitendo ancient consoles. got also few ibm laptops from 1990..one got 256mbit and 10gb hdd it costed fortune in that era.
  7. i just wonder is it possible to build any computer what has got 2 ryzen threadripper 3990x? would love to see linus build that pc if it is possible and adding few beefy gpus to run some games
  8. linus did you really throw all that junk away?why not write autographing on thhis usless junk and give them away to your fans?its better than all this stuff ending in landfill..
  9. so my current system is i5 6600k overclocked 4,8ghz.my friend helped with that.using air cooling. using pc msi ps mate z170 a. gtx 1070. some 650w power supply some random dell 1080p monitor and wont complain about picture so should i upgrade my cpu or gpu?i am thinking to wait for release for rtx 3080ti and swap it with gtx 1070 and leave i5 6600k. i am sorry for shity and bad english
  10. why i only see 4k option if search linus videos for 8k content??if i searh 8k videos if find 8k..i own any 8k tv 2 years and suddenly i dont see any 8k option anymore.unsubbed from this channel
  11. they 8k cameras what linus uses,can they take pictures?i seen punch videos,but i just wonder can they take pictures to?if they can,what kind quality pictures have or how good are they?
  12. can anybody tell me why i get this blue screen only??i want access this what is on this 2th picture,but i wont let me. i tried doing clean install and cleaning even all left overs in registry.still i get this shit thing i downloaded and installed Rtklegacy-Realtek- itsa downloaded from here https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/support/Z170A-PC-MATE#down-driver&Win10%2064
  13. for example if my psu cable has writen text on 600w and my gpu only needs 400w?can i use it and is it safe? or do they need to match?
  14. there are some 10t+ hdd,but i am not sure if they are enough fast for such thing..
  15. so explain how can data recovery software recover my files..there are even zipbombs designed specifically to owerwrite files with random small files..size depends how large ssd u have..
  16. i would suggest you avoid seagate hdd..i owned lots them and over 70% have failed...
  17. why did you buy even cheap adata ssd drives?i mean adata don't even manufacture their own flash chips.. they buy chips from brands like thosiba,micron and so on..i only used micron branded ssd and had no issues over 10 years total..
  18. so how is downloading netflix tv show into hdd,for offline viewing against rules,if netflix itself allows it??and i use more than 1 services what allow me downloading files for offline watching.
  19. so i want to buy this ssd as a junk drives,cause i don't want my 6t western digital hdd to pointlessly spinning,since i have very low speed internet speed.also hdd is 7 years old and no bad sectors??how? i only use then i actually need it....its 7 year old,but maybe total usage time is 8 months or 16 months only. so is it worth using this ssd to download movies and then copy them to hdd??4g movie can take me up to 1 day or 3 days to complete,with internet speed..and that area where i live,upgrade internet speed would cost more than my car... https://www.amazon.co.uk/Silicon-Po