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  1. i cant say anything bad about linustechtips video and graphics,but sometimes audio quality is below any reasonable quailty.can linus invest some money and built some proper proffesional audio computers for his videos???
  2. is there any reason why amd or nvidia could not produce gpus what you can install like a cpus into socket? would such thing be theoretically possible?
  3. what if amd and nivida decided stopp selling gpus directly and started selling gpus on prebuilt system only to prevent cryptomminer buying all gpus. how would u react if amd or nivida made such move and where unable anymore buy only buy new gpu for your computer from shop.
  4. why not buy used gaming laptop with 980 or 1080 graphics and replace paste?buying any laptop with 3080 graphics sounds waste of money for me
  5. yes.even if its out stock you would still able buy it.i would not care if it would month or 2 before it was back stock and arrived
  6. with this i mean for example u want buy rtx 3080 but its out stock.why not allow buyers reserve item and let them pay..item would would shipped then ever it arrives in shop stock?why cant Amazon and ohter sites provide such extra option?i would be willing pay reservation fee
  7. so i am planning to buy first time any prebuild pc..but i seriously dont need any storage drives, since i plan moving them from old to new.plus i never used any windows operating system here..been using linux over 15+ years here
  8. i got 2t westren digital hdd from 1996.what still works fine..it costed small treasures in 1996. excact amount was 15,678 dollars.
  9. i noticed that my bios has expired,but all else is fine. it duracell brand and says expires in 2018. should i replace or keep it,i dont see no point replacing,cuse computer stil running fine without any issues
  10. for example if i watch any 2 year old video and want use that promo discount code...can i use it or does do they any expire date?for example 6 month or 1 year?
  11. but why it shows internal path,if i set chrome from setttings to manually download into sd card?i never wanted chrome to download internal storage. + i have ask where to download and always select sd card
  12. i can see space used on sd card after downloading,but no download folder..not trolling here
  13. i moved downloads location to sd card,and now i am unable locate download location on sd card.i clicked every folder and cant find it after android 12 update.yet i am able videos then they are downloaded but unable find download location.wtf is going on..? using samsung note 10 plus here. file:///storage/6910-88A7/Android/data/com.android.chrome/files/Download/ i cant find this path anywhere on my sd card..its not under android folder to.. please explain wtf is going on even i search file name it finds nofting... if select file from chrome menu downloads it plays ju
  14. PCPartPicker Part List Type Item Price CPU AMD Ryzen 9 3950X 3.5 GHz 16-Core Processor $697.00 @ Amazon CPU Cooler Noctua NH-D15S 82.52 CFM CPU Cooler $79.90 @ Amazon Motherboard MSI X470 GAMING PLUS ATX AM4 Motherboard $215.87 @ Amazon Memory Corsair Vengeance LPX 8 GB (1 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200 CL16 Memory $44.99 @ Corsair
  15. why i play games on consoles.cuse some game lack controllers support without mods.that why inprefer consoles where i straight that option
  16. why this i mean videos would be exclusive for these who pay that youtube channel join thing.all videos would exculsive for only theys member who have Become a channel member ....videos would show no sponsors,adverts or linus merch bs stuff.. would such thing be possible and would u willing to pay for it
  17. i want buy some cheap 50gb blu ray discs,but not sure if it actualy can burn them.
  18. i heard stories that some manufacturers have default encryption on and making data recovery impossible. is there any reason why it is done on first?what it achives to have factory encrypted flash memory chip?
  19. i cand find any any teardowns where people look into ps5 and xbox series psu..all what i can find using google search are stupid mainboard or disassembly stuff..so are there any teardowns from psu?
  20. its annoying,stupid bar keeps moving down,no matter in wich position if i use it.is there any way lock it in up aera of screen instead? i keep touching navigation bar keys with my bell skin accidentally, then navigation bar is at down..
  21. so i bought any xbox one x. now my controller is showing wear down issues.keys like a,b,x and y are becoming loose but still work.i wonder if i request to replace controller only! iam 100% sure its controller issue,cuse my pc controller works fine.it was bought 24 November 2018.
  22. my idea.why dont linus benchmark every nvidia flagship card from oldest to newest and compare cards performance and how have gpu evolved all that long
  23. i own any refurbished pc..took me month to get all parts.got my cpu from ebay acution for 50.it was i7 6700k. graphics card is also refubrished and bought from my local computer repair shop.. bought any used 850w psu from amazon.. motherboard bought from repair shop,issue was few electrolytic caps relesed magick smoke. ram from old pc. used ssd and hdd from amazon. so far i dont have issues with any parts..so far pc is 4 years old and still doing hard work
  24. what sony and Microsoft do with faulty cpu/gpus? witb this i dont mean dead chips,what i mean is chips what wont pass requirements to end in new xbox or ps5.surely they get some bad chips? i just wonder wil faulty chips end in nitendo switch and ohter similar stuff?
  25. so why no original crysis benchmark as comparison to remaster?i would love to see numbers