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  1. Jesus Christ, can everyone stop all their whining and moaning? No LTX will not be held anywhere other than Vancouver. No they will not do a lottery for VIP tickets. No they will not increase the number of VIP tickets because then what is the point?? If you're too young, too far, etc. to save up enough money that sucks. If your job prevents you from attending that sucks. But moaning to LMG isn't going to change anything. LMG is not going to change a massive event to accommodate the minority. I know we all wish that they could but your whining is why they considered removing VIP all together. So
  2. We stayed in Surrey last year and I figured I should post my experiences in case people are curious how feasible doing that is. I ended up choosing Surrey because I'm a Marriott rewards member and the civic autograph collection hotel there is significantly cheaper than similar Marriotts in Vancouver. Surrey isn't the nicest city so I definitely cannot speak to other lodging. However, the Marriott is about 100ft from the skytrain rail. Which was super convenient and nice. At around $100 USD per night you get a ridiculously fancy room. The skytrain is super nice, you buy
  3. I would recommend the recently updated Paul's Hardware build video series. He is very thorough in going through all the nuances in PC building.
  4. All of the tournaments Dreamhack offered for the BYOC were during the convention. I think it would've been better to offer them once the convention closed so that people who wanted to participate in both didn't have to miss the convention.
  5. Linus said on WAN show that they reserved the larger portion of the convention center for LTX 2020
  6. I'm definitely interested in this and I have a beefy enough computer that I could run a dedicated server if we need it.
  7. The $3 subscription will cover you for everything on there.
  8. I've heard 25ft recommended and that sounds like a good length to make sure you'll be able to access their switches.
  9. Good points for both sides! I guess I just get upset when people go on the record without knowing the facts first. Either way I'm just happy that so many creators are attending!
  10. The only way to get refunds is through DMing Colton
  11. I don't know who this is but he seems like an idiot... of course they can't pay for you and everyone you "care about" to come. They have alot of creators attending. Adding +1's would cost a lot of money.
  12. As long as they aren't VIP when you get to the registration desk they will issue you the wristbands for everyone. If they are BYOC you can transfer them to another person on the dreamhack app/website.
  13. The merch packs are only handed out on site unfortunately. If you PM colton he can get refunds issued for the tickets.
  14. Hey everyone! I'm currently sitting in spot S4 and wanted to get to know some of the people who are also sitting in row S. Shout out your seat number!