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  1. One bit to add - it's really easy to latch on to the first thing you see on the internet that "sounds right". I'm a smart guy and I've ended up believing some BS that looking back 10+ years later was stupid. There are things that my own father said that were dead wrong (but not malicious). Take everything everyone says in this thread and, provided it seems plausible, "trust but verify" - stress test everything you hear. A lot of people, myself included, just like to hear themselves talk, to feel special. Ideally you should have multiple high quality sources pointing in similar dir
  2. Let's break down the problem... At t0 you have one stream that is T ahead and progresses at a rate of 1x (X1). You also have one stream that is not ahead and progresses at a rate of 2x(X2). T + 1X = 0 + 2X if T = 5 then X = 5. ----- You can adjust this for any ratio for playback speeds. For example if the first stream is 8 minutes ahead and is progressing at a rate of .5x (reasons?) and the second stream progresses at a rate of 4x. 8 + 0.5X = 4X => 8 = 3.5X => X = 8/3.5
  3. It's not possible to perfectly stimulate our universe within our universe. You could approximate - imagine a game where details are only drawn in as needed. ----- It is possible to stimulate a full, simpler universe within a universe. Slap on a few more dimensions for the base reality and see what happens.
  4. Some advice on "pick your passion" 1. Filter out all the stuff you HATE. Don't do stuff that crushes your soul long term. Short term might be OK if it helps "set you up" 2. Make a list of things you have some skill/talent in, the world cares about AND which you could see yourself being content in. What you do will affect your happiness less than your coworkers/company/pay/lifestyle. Also try to forecast into the future. 3. Do ANYTHING that'll make you look better on paper even if it's not a perfect fit. Having 3 "similarish" experiences that you can spin will get you a better j
  5. The very fact that you're asking HELPs a lot. Feel free to PM me if you want to go 1:1 a bit. Also as an FYI, while where in college you should error on the side of the EASIEST classes that check the box, during HS, doing all the hardest is the way forward (at least if your goal is Harvard - HS classes are so standardized that they're easy to judge and if someone took 6 years of science classes [summer session at your HS and then one at a nearby university - just be aware that you probably want to take the easiest joke of a college class possible - think Rocks for Jocks and not Quantu
  6. Some of my "general philosophies" on careerism and life. This is targeted at an 18 year old but if you do this at the start of high school your application to colleges will be better with way less effort. 1. If you're not well-connected, going to an "elite" university helps. If you are... it matters less. If you're not at an "elite" place - transfer. 2. What you major in doesn't matter THAT much. Choose the easiest relevant thing. GRADE INFLATE. Screw "personal growth" and "I should learn this" prioritize easiness and gaming the system for a high GPA. If you feel you MUST study
  7. Snag a 16GB stick for like $10 while they're still around. (if you can find higher capacities for not much more, that also works). Worst case scenario you place your scratch on it.
  8. I've never been drunk. It's pretty uncommon for me to drink. I do abuse caffeine though.
  9. CES was virtual this year. There's a real chance that LTX will be as well... again. Worst case scenario liability for things going wrong is just too high/uncertain. If vaccinations prove widespread and miraculous then things will likely change.
  10. When connected to a proper memory controller, instead of going over pcie/nvme, optane latency is measured in nanoseconds instead of microseconds. It's good stuff in the right environment for the right use cases. In many instances it's a good cost saver for systems that need lots of memory but not lots of memory performance when paired with 1-3GB RAM for every 8GB of optane. ------- I don't think it makes sense for many applications when done over pcie unless the price is right. I've generally paid around 60 cents per GB on my optane purchases
  11. The original store mi doesn't work well with drives that small. Primo cache could work but the 16GB sticks are pretty mediocre. ------ On another note, I snagged a 118GB 800p for $88 off eBay a while back. They're now dried up and like 2-3x the cost. The 118GB drives are fine for use as a cache in a NAS and could even work as a secondary drive for Windows Temp files and scratch space if you want to free up some IOPs.
  12. Freecodecamp has beginners sections that cover the basics. The resource is good enough that you would be fine if you just dug into that one and made reasonable progress. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/FreeCodeCamp ----------- As an FYI freecodecamp is interactive and has you type in code to solve small tasks. It's much more efficient than a 4 hour youtube video that you'll forget much of. At some level, go through the basics of something like python and then learn new packages and frameworks as needed.
  13. That's mostly it. Get intro stuff and then just start doing things. After a while consider taking more courses to fill out gaps in your knowledge but overall you'll learn fastest by doing new compelling things, having a strong peer group and getting good feedback. You learn on the way.
  14. Coursera - Intro to python. Also freecodecamp Also stack overflow. And time. And energy. Just keep at it.
  15. From what I can discern, Zen and its derivitives benefit a fair bit from running dual rank memory. https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/amd-ryzen-3000-best-memory-timings,6310-2.html https://www.techspot.com/article/2140-ryzen-5000-memory-performance/ https://www.guru3d.com/articles-pages/amd-ryzen-ram-scaling-effect-in-games,6.html#:~:text=Dual Rank Memory is basically,Rank vs Single Rank RAM. At the same timings, using dual rank RAM can give up to 20% better performance (extreme case is 7-zip... even AOTS benefits by 12%). Anandtech's review of
  16. the issues are either the sand is too fine (getting tiny specks to combine is hard) or too coarse (the other extreme is breaking tiny rocks repeatedly). This is assuming the sand is of the right element. I'm outside my wheelhouse though - all I can say is that it's expensive. We'd need multiple technological breakthroughs to deal with this - in some mix of energy efficiency, mining or transit.
  17. 1. We aren't "running out of sand" - we're running out of sand that's cheap to mine. There's a boatload of sand that people don't care to use (bad properties) for construction or is located in places that require too much in transport costs. 2. Basically everything people do has an environmental impact. Chickens from 1950 look quite different from current ones.
  18. comander

    Tech Stocks

    And I'm saying that if you buy physical gold (assuming it has "value") you will be beaten half to death. It'd be like being the scrawny guy in a prison who gets a healthy commissary budget each week. You're the target. Your overall experience will be worse. You will be turned out. If the world DOES collapse THAT bad - fuel, alcohol, ammunition will be king. And the real "investment" would PROBABLY be taking a few courses in social skills/negotiations and martial arts as well as getting a gym membership and bulking up a bit. --- I say
  19. I love the power glove. It's so bad.
  20. comander

    Tech Stocks

    It's NOT a good insurance though. In the extreme edge case (basically 0% chance of happening) you'd likely be brutalized for it - "stop hitting me, the gold is in this spot"
  21. comander

    Tech Stocks

    Long term there's little reason to think that gold will outperform the stock market. In the next 50 years we're likely to have: 1. incredible robotics advances 2. incredible bio-engineering advances 3. great computational advances (quantum computers are looking to be a thing) It's unlikely that gold will be a significant contributor to any of those.
  22. comander

    Tech Stocks

    If you don't mind, explain. My perception is that gold has somewhat limited industrial uses (there are some) at its current price and that it's 1. NOT kept up with economic growth over a long time. 2. when it has exceeded inflation (e.g. you bought low and sold high) it took 50 years... during which time stocks would've been 10x better since stocks are backed by the economy growing instead of a lump of metal. Gold has gone up 100x since 1900 (aka kept pace with inflation). The DJIA is up 440x. The only way gold might make sense would be if the world economy collapsed
  23. comander

    Tech Stocks

    If you don't have insider information... ETF. Get VOO or VFIAX and set a rule e.g. "I won't touch this for the next 5 years". You'll thank yourself later.
  24. Ok... The median American household is richer than the households in all other large nations and is up there with select smaller nations with subsegments of its own populace of comparable size AND for comparable units of organizational size (e.g. the EU) the US has lower poverty rates when measured in absolute terms. Is that adequate?