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  1. Zotac made me fill out an RMA form a couple of days ago, guess they're going to send me a new one.
  2. UPDATE: I flushed the driver in Safe Mode using DDU and installed the latest driver, just got the issue again a few minutes ago. So the issue is something else.
  3. I'll do it after I take note of all of my settings so that I can set them back after.
  4. But it's the same driver if I use a GTX 1080 and an RTX 3070, yes no?
  5. Hi there, Every since I installed my ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX 3070 Twin Edge OC (I had a Gigabyte GTX 1080 before), a few times a week, my screen will go black and I get this error in my Event Viewer: The description for Event ID 14 from source nvlddmkm cannot be found. Either the component that raises this event is not installed on your local computer or the installation is corrupted. You can install or repair the component on the local computer. If the event originated on another computer, the display information had to be saved with the event. The following information was
  6. My card says "OC" on the box, wouldn't that mean that it's overclocked out of the box?
  7. Should I use 2x 8 pin cables for my 3070 instead of 1 with 2x 8 pin ends?
  8. OK, just found a benchmark that tested my entire computer and I heard those fans started spinning. Guess I learned something today.
  9. Any quick and easy GPU benchmark I can try to see if the fans will kick-in?
  10. Oh, so this is normal? The fan on my GTX 1080 just kept spinning regardless if I was using my computer or not.
  11. Hi there, Just got my new Zotac 3070 Twin Edge and I've noticed that the 2 fans stop spinning a few moments after booting my PC. Anyone know why it's doing this?
  12. Would you risk not having a warranty from the manufacturer by importing an RTX from another country if it's from a reputable retailer at MSRP?
  13. Besides EVGA's website, where else could I put name down for an RTX 3070?
  14. Oh no, the day where cooling computers with water is our only choice is the day I stop building computers.