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  1. thanks!! that is very informative and helpful and im legit thinking about doing this now. may i ask how does something like that handle latency? like games for example? and in general, how stable is the line? also , what about rain? would rain interfere with the line? i dont mind it reducing the bandwidth a bit, but will it affect latency and stability? and, (sorry for so many questions, im really looking into this) will putting both of the devices behind windows impact performance?
  2. thanks for the detailed replies, i understand the situation a bit more now do you guys have any creative solutions in mind for connecting one of the apartments to my house? (obviously with the agreement of the person who owns that apartment lol) im willing to go that far if there is a legit solution to something like that. the main problem is that there is a sidewalk inbetween my house and the buildings so straight up crossing over a cable wouldnt be practical lmao im asking that because im guessing there are some tricks i dont know about with connecting these stuff, just
  3. i would probably accept even a 3 year contract for that matter but thats just me, i can see other people not agreeing i would honestly do just that with the ethernet cable to my house i just dont know how to approach something like that. even though its very close and its the same street there is a sidewalk in between so i cant just stretch a cable between the 2 buildings.. also, may i ask why would they need to dig? im already connected to their infrastructure just not their fiber infrastructure, cant they use the same tunnels just with new cables?
  4. So.. the internet providers in my country are kinda silly. max upload speed here is like 5mbit while download is like 500mbit on broadband and i hate it. i would very much rather have something like 30mbit up and 100mbit down instead because IMO 5mbit is just not functional nowdays.. anyways, recently alot of providers in my country started sending workers to put down fiber infrastructure all over the country and many people have that now with minimum speeds of 1gb down 100mbit up which is insane to me, i want that really bad. the tricky part here is that apparently, all of th
  5. About 2 months ago, on a random day i booted up my computer like i normally would, and started noticing a very silent whine on my headphones i google'd a bit and couldnt really find an answer that fixed the problem as the whine was silent and unnoticeable while playing any kind of sound, i didnt mind it very much but a while later , i wanted to play something so i launched a game, and on the first second of the game i noticed the most ridiculous screen tearing ive ever seen, i can see my screen tears without even moving the games camera, just background movement alone splits my