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    Blai5e reacted to LogicalDrm in Buy from Asia, GPUS and MB   
    *** Thread locked ***
    This is pretty much obvious statement at this point. Stocking problems in US/Canada and price issues in Europe or Aus/NZ are complicated things. Saying "buy from X country/area" is not that simple thing. Just imports and taxes are one thing, warranty is another. So enjoy what you can.
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    Blai5e reacted to bowrilla in 'High' Coolant Temps - Rads/ Fans not enough or something else?   
    Those little spinners are worth nothing. All they show is that there is some flow. You cannot visually determine how much and even little flow will spin it fast enough for you not to be able to see anything. 
    30% is not much flow but it should not have that much if an impact on the overall temps, especially since it's a D5.
    PBO is pretty aggressive with the voltage. That will obviously increase heat output but it should not lead to those high coolant temps.
    That depends on flow. The lower the flow the higher the heat gradient. Ideally you'd have 2 sensors: one directly in front of the radiators and one directly after. Then you can see that once you drop flow far enough the heat gradient grows probably to values in the range of 5-8K. If flow is sufficiently high the heat gradient shrinks to about 1K. At that point more flow does not give you any significant advantage but it will increase noise. With the blocks it's similar: high flow means lower heat gradient between inlet and outlet ports, low flow means higher heat gradient.
    Considering you have 2 360 radiators, coolant temps well beyond 40°C (almost 50°C) however indicate something else is the culprit because flow alone should not play such a big of a role. This means that there's probably nothing majorly wrong with the heat transfer to the coolant. The issue is rooted with dumping the heat energy into the air.
    Of course, temp sensors can varry in precision and small production differences can lead to misreadings (like more or less epoxy, 1-2mm variance in probe position. The probe itself is also not calibrated. I have 2 sensors (one XSPC plug type and one in my aquacomputer MPS flowmeter) and they usually are 1-2K apart. 
    Taking all of that into account your reading might be 4-6K higher than the actual average coolant temps considering you're measuring directly at a heat source, potentially lower than ideal flow and variances in sensor accuracy.
    I'd probably do the same as @Stahlmannsuggested and go for the Phanteks Halos frames. Personally I prefer the look of dark blades with an led ring around over white blades with everything being lit.
    Whatever you do though, I'd use push pull configs on radiators >45mm thickness. Which is why I wouldn't use rads that thick. Their performance benefits can only be achieved with more fans and high revs. The best 30mm radiators (HWlabs GTS) match the performance of midrange 45mm rads even in push pull and match the performance of midrange 56mm in push or pull (iirc). Even the best >56mm radiators need push pull to offer significant advantages over the best 30mm radiators. I rather spend 20 bucks more on the best rad but save the expenses for 2-3 fans per radiator and have ultimately less noise sources with less overall noise.
    Well, first off I'd unplug the side fans that you think create too much positive pressure. I doubt it but check that first.
    Next is setting the lowest pump setting to something like 40-50% which should not change anything noticeable in regards to noise.
    If that doesn't help: tilting and shaking to make sure everything is properly bled. 
    Then go to the radiator fans. If you have more fans around, through them on for a push pull config. That should improve performance. You don't need to screw them in just laying them on top should be enough as long as there are no huge gaps. Not ideal but should work.
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    Blai5e reacted to jones177 in Can't find any 3rd party reviews...   
    People mainly go there to complain.
    It is also a great place to go if you are thinking about an RMA since the site is monitored by their product manager.
    With posts like "3070 caught on fire" and "Major issues with 3090" it is hard to call it a fanboy site.
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    Blai5e got a reaction from DominicNikon in Thoughts on this gpu block?   
    I don't own one but a number of people on the EVGA forums do and they seem happy with their purchases.
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    Blai5e reacted to LogicalDrm in I want to take advantage of the warranty   
    *** Thread locked ***
    We don't allow asking or offering help on performing any illegal activities.
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    Blai5e reacted to For Science! in Should I do this when changing fluid?   
    I've definitely burned LED strips doing it the way you describe it, so I would consider definitely worth unplugging everything.
    A good investment for you may be an external molex power supply, they're less than 20 euros, and then you can power the pump by itself without needing to unplug anything else.
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    Blai5e reacted to Tristerin in Found Out Some Interesting Info on 3080's Calling Local Computer Shops   
    No one, and I mean no one, repeat no one, is getting screwed.  These are choices to own these commodities.  These arent a necessity they are an option.  
    Blame the consumerism.  Not the manufacturer, they are going to charge whatever the market allows for the most amount of profit.
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    Blai5e got a reaction from Stahlmann in EVGA FTW3 Ultra 3080 annoying problems   
    @Big-Boy - never use cables on a PSU unless you are sure they are pin-to-pin compatible with your power supply. Don't rely on the fact that it can be plugged into the PSU as even within the same OEM, the cable may not wired identically. Please see this document from Gamers Nexus or this more recent video also from Gamers Nexus.
    Your PSU is weak for a high tier 3080, as a minimum you should be using a quality gold rated 750W PSU. EVGA has a thread that contains a list of PSUs working with EVGA 30-series cards and apart from a Corsair SF-600 (and I'm willing to bet he has a 3070 or 3060TI), the lowest PSU listed is a 750W.
    When the fans are ramping up and down, are you seeing any red LEDs near the PCI power connectors on the card lighting up? There are three LEDs (corresponding to the 3 PCI power connections to the card) and any lighting up indicates there is a power problem.
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    Blai5e reacted to justinaylmao in RTX 3070 Poor Cyberpunk performance   
    I think theyre recommending it for 60 fps, but probably on high settings with Ray tracing set to a lower value or DLSS set to performance
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    Blai5e reacted to Ar558a in just watched jayz video   
    I would always use two cables if you can...
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    Blai5e reacted to Skiiwee29 in Will the tariffs affect pricing in Europe?   
    in theory no... The tariffs are US imposed against imports from certain countries. However, I wouldn't be surprised if all prices went up on hardware around the world as a result. 
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    Blai5e reacted to Exidor in Can someone help me understand the current GPU shortage better?   
    Demand is just part of the problem. Sure we had a demand increase but production dropped off a cliff.....
    By far the biggest problem is the supply chain disruption due to covid.
    Many container ships got scrapped or parked. Many small logistics companies went bust. Right now getting a container shipped is basically double the cost. I need to get product across the Baltic Sea and the costs are more than double of 2019..... Considering the product is bulk and sold by ton shipping was already up to 30% of the price before the increase so do the math..... I am right now scrambling to reorientate to rail but first I need to get a truck to the rail station with the new trucking law in the EU and the added covid shit and brexit shit even that is challenging. I am close to renting a truck and driving the fucking thing myself.
    Air fright is even worse as most of it was moved by passenger jets. 
    Many factories were shut down or partially shut down....
    Many small components from wires to RAM chips are in short supply.
    The news for some reason choose not to talk about it. But many things have been restricted. Many Asian countries even banned rice exports... Some European countries banned potato exports...
    Metal and steal exports are banned in some countries.....
    It is a complete shit show. And it will take a considerable amount of time to recover.
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    Blai5e reacted to narrdarr in Asus 3090 Strix OC coil whine   
    Usually but not always.
    Other things to try are:
    Remounting the gpu
    Don't use daisy chain/pig tail to connect power
    Try a different driver or wait for the next one/ sometimes a window update will fix this
    Under clock or under volt your gpu
    Decrease frames in game
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    Blai5e got a reaction from Mark Kaine in new installed evga rtx 3080 ftw3 ultra gaming causing random restarts   
    The 30-series has certainly been responsible for shaking a few cobwebs in people's rigs...
    Sometimes, you can run into trouble with wild transients in power which can occur in something as innocuous as a browser. To attempt to prove this, open the NCP (NVIDIA Control Panel) and in the ""Manage 3D Settings", change "Power Management Mode" from "Normal" to "Prefer Maximum Performance". Your GPU won't downclock (you'll be stuck at maximum clocks) but give it a try and see how it goes. The transients will be less harsh if you are higher up the power draw already (at the expense of costing a few extra cents per hour on the power bill).
    Another thing you might want to try is to set your Corsair AXI 1600W PSU to "Single Rail OCP" rather than "Multi Rail OCP" (do this from ICUE's "Settings" page under the PSU). You might be tripping the PSU when running with the Multi Rail OCP option. Luckily, I don't suffer your problems using a Corsair AXI 1200W and an EVGA 3090 FTW3 Ultra but I do have my PSU set to "Single Rail OCP".
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    Blai5e reacted to StarsMars in Is My GPU Messed Up?   
    You will find the solution to your problem in my past posts.
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    Blai5e got a reaction from jtraccsy in Is My GPU Messed Up?   
    If you want people to help, at least put in some effort. Stating check my past posts (I assume referring to post in other threads) is not the way to illicit help.
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    Blai5e reacted to Fasauceome in Is My GPU Messed Up?   
    You didn't say what the issue was
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    Blai5e reacted to shaz2sxy in Is my 3070 dead?   
    Are you using riser cable in your build?
    if so try setting it to 3.0 not 4.0
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    Blai5e reacted to For Science! in Fans position on the AIO and RPM difference on HWmonitor and corsair Icue   
    Since its pretty much half, I would guess its something to do with pole count and HWmonitor not knowing how many times to divide the rpm count, so I would think iCUE knows better in this case. Although its not a big problem either way.
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    Blai5e reacted to For Science! in Is this water loop done the right way?   
    Yes, not just me, pretty much everybody in the thread.
    The flow rate will be lower in a parallel flow, but not low enough for there to be a meaningful difference given the high flow rate of modern pumps. The flow rate in a single parallel block will theoretically be 1/n the serial rate (where n is the number of equal components in parallel), however in serial, you pay additional price in the form of additional restriction so the overall flowrate is lower in serial. And if you are in low flow rates where this mattered, you will be paying the price that the 1st GPU would be heating up the water prior to going to the 2nd and so (in contrast to the conventional wisdom of "order not mattering") it would, and you'd rather split the flow so you don't get weird clock discrepancies due to different core temps.
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    Blai5e reacted to startrek03 in Question about loop flow and Heatkiller res   
    The left reservoir probably doesn't even really technically serve as a reservoir. It's basically a thick pipe, if you want to see it that way.
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    Blai5e reacted to For Science! in Help identifying this distro plate   
    To me it looks like the a steel panels with pass through fittings.
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    Blai5e reacted to Oswin in Internet   
    you do realize that steam measures in megabytes per second by default instead of megabits per second. a megabit is 1/8 of a megabyte
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    Blai5e got a reaction from cedge206 in Hardline Tube bending kit   
    Why not buy the 10/12 version of the kit by Thermaltake? The mandrels in the other kit as well as the silicon insert will be incompatible. I know that PCCaseGear is out of stock of the 10/12 kit until mid-August but you can get EKWB 10/12 bending tool, a Bykski 12mm OD bending rubber (insert) and an EKWB reamer from PLE Computers (supply your own hacksaw) for less cost. If your heart is set on the Thermaltake kit, the 10/12 version is in stock at MWave.
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    Blai5e reacted to LIGISTX in normal aio too boring   
    So.... as someone who enjoys PC's as a hobby that is ultimately just a money pit, I can understand this, but I also have a lot of insight as to why custom is not "worth it".
    Custom loops really are just that; incredibly custom. And guess what, custom things are really expensive. And as most expensive things, they are very high up the diminishing return ladder. Just about the best cooling a CPU can have is a Noctua aircooler, and a custom loop will do better, it wont come anywhere close to "worth it". For example, a NHD15 Noctua is ~100 bucks. I have ~150 bucks just in fitting in my water loop. I have 2 rads, each about 80-90 bucks. Pump res is 170, CPU block is 80, GPU block is 130.... It adds up QUICK. ~700 dollars later, custom water loop. Does it look awesome, YUP. Does it perform well, YUP. Does it perform 7 times better than a Noctua for the CPU, not even sorta if you stare at the numbers from 17 feet away in 3 point font, squint, and tilt your head to the side. But, it is a fun hobby, and thats why I do it. The real gains are in noise. My PC is basically inaudible, and my GPU runs ~50c, and my CPU runs ~60's in games (stupid 9900k gets HOT at 5 GHz all core).
    So, with that out of the way... water cooling is very fun, and its a bit of a creative challenge to get the loop to work well, look good, and fit in the case you want. I am not at all saying don't do it, all I did was lay out the information