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  1. @ela089 - that looks like solder but the amount (and size) is extremely unusual. Normal to get a bit of loose flux out on an initial flush but solder like what is shown in the pictures... nup! As @For Science! stated, I'd be reaching out to EK (or the shop you purchased it from) before continuing with that radiator. I'd be very surprised if what you have managed to extract is extent of what's loose inside that radiator.
  2. Depends on what you really want to do with your GPU, you might be wasting money going to the 3090 over a 3080. Are you running games in 4k with settings maxed out? Are you using software that can make use of the extra VRAM? Do you have a strong enough CPU that will allow the GPU to reach it's potential? If your pockets are really deep, the K|ngP|n card is a beast although like other 3090 variants, the rear VRAM can get very hot. Below that, the EVGA FTW3 Ultra or the ASUS ROG Strix OC would be good picks (assuming your wallet doesn't care about the hit) . At least there's a better
  3. @NewwGuyy123 - any 3090 is going a beast of a gamer card (as is the case for many of the 3080's). You might be a bit naïve to think you'll get a 3090 KP card that easily. I have the 3090 FTW3 Ultra with a waterblock and for Port Royal, I get within 500 points (using a 9900k @5.1GHz, 500W VBIOS) of a KP (the KP has a 520W VBIOS).
  4. @rafe_28 - Sorry, I incorrectly assumed D5. Yeah, the cable you linked in the first post will be fine. It has the same pinout as the EK-Cable Pump Testing Adapter (Gnd & 12V) and there is no need for the PWM signal as the pump will default to 100%.
  5. If you leave the PWM cable disconnected, the pump will run at 100% (a feature of most, if not all D5 pumps). The PWM cable for the pump carries PWM Signal & Tach wires - no power; power is supplied via the Molex cable. You have no need for the adapter you linked.
  6. The two pins used for the PWM connector on a PWM D5 pump are Signal & Tach (not Signal & Ground).
  7. No problem here using a Singularity Computers D5 pump/res combo with 3 x-flow radiators, 2 x blocks and a distro plate. Also have an EK D5 pump/res combo and that didn't have an issue when I ran it with 3 radiators, 3 x blocks and a distro plate (now lives on my testbench with an Alphacool Eisblock XPX CPU block and 1 thick radiator). Never run either over 50% PWM cycle which is extremely quiet. @PAPO1990 - I run my fan curves against the liquid temperature (2 x Commander Pro's each with 10kΩ thermistor temperature probe) rather than an individual component.
  8. The Corsair XD5 pump uses a 4-pin molex for power connection (like most D5 pumps).
  9. @YouSirAreADudeSir - nice outcome, pity it took 2 months to sort out. Back in earlier times, I bought a Leadtek WinFast GeForce 6800 GT near launch and it started artifacting within the week prompting an RMA with the retailer. They passed it onto the distributor for testing and the distributor ended up sending it back to Taiwan. Three months later and many calls by myself I was still without a replacement (I was limping with a GeForce 2 MX 400) so the retailer chose to refund my purchase cost. During the interim, costs had gone down and I was able to get a Gainward GeForce 6800 Ult
  10. @GamerDude - yup, retailers in Europe started sending emails out cancelling customer pre-orders a couple of weeks ago. Here's a snippet of an email from a Dutch retailer to a customer who had pre-ordered (and paid in full) at launch: Personally, I'll never deal with MSI again after I had a RMA denied for bent pins in the CPU socket from a working Z370 motherboard that failed after 3 month and had the protective cover re-installed before sending it in. Add the debacle where a subsidiary of MSI scalping 3080's & 90's on eBay last October and now failing to honour pre-orders wh
  11. @palluvian - Sounded like your 3D accelerated clocks were stuck. In addition, this was a known Ampere issue (see below) if you are using a high refresh adaptive sync monitor. When you said you checked the temperatures (at idle), were the clocks at idle or boost?
  12. @Motleyguts - these bundles are often not the fault of the retailer. Wholesalers/distributers are requiring retailers/system integrators to purchase of multiple motherboards (or other slower moving stock) simple to order a single 30-series GPU in locations around the world. Bit of a crappy practice by the wholesaler/distributor but I don't really blame the retailer for bundling even if it is often less than desirable for the end user.
  13. @rafe_28 - Something else I've done to help with complex bends - prototype them using a chenille stem (pipe cleaner). Packet of 40 should only be a few of bucks at any crafting/office supply store.
  14. Sorry, here's a more appropriate one... SilverStone Technology C19 Power Cable 60 Inches in Length SST-G11301500-RT Also on that Amazon page, you'll see others that might fit the bill.
  15. @JPapasergio - The input to the PSU is designed for a high amp cord like the following: Tripp Lite P007-006 Heavy Duty Computer Power Cord, 15A, 14AWG (NEMA 5-15P to IEC-320-C13), 6-ft Black or reach out to Thermaltake for the OEM cord for your PSU.
  16. @Stormeye728 - it's nickel-plated copper - don't use aluminium radiators.
  17. Do you have the CSM (Compatibility Support Module) option disabled in your BIOS? I assume REBAR would be okay with older games or a lot of gamers would have their noses out of place.
  18. If it's like the EVGA series, the program (EVGA uses Precision X1) checks the selected VBIOS (quiet or performance) and applies the appropriate updated VBIOS.
  19. @Shanhara - I can't be sure on this but if the "Q" VBIOS version works, boot up on that and switch to the "P" VBIOS (the VBIOS I believe is only read at boot time) and reflash. I've done this on a motherboard that had 2 BIOS positions and I had only updated one to support a newer CPU. Booted into Windows, switch to the other BIOS position and used a Windows BIOS update tool.
  20. Pssst - I've got it enabled on a 9th Gen 9900k with a Z370 motherboard & RTX 3090 FTW3 Ultra (both EVGA).
  21. @lerodemmy - if you take your time and watch a watercooling block install video specific to your GPU you'll have a better idea of your confidence level. That said, there's a few things to watch out for (I have the EK Vector 3090 FTW3 3080/3090 block & backplate on my 3090 FTW3 Ultra)... When taking the card apart, be careful and try not to force or unduly bend the PCB (there's been a number of users who have bricked their cards albeit the jury is still out on who is to blame). Wiggle it about without bending the PCB until you can break the seal formed by the thermal pas
  22. @Goldi----- - Get some KFC towelettes (or alcohol wipes from the chemist) if you can't get ISO.
  23. @asianbomber13 The "pop" was likely the fuse on the card for a PCIe feed (connector) blowing. Apart from de-soldering the old blown fuse and resoldering a new fuse (and before doing that ask the question: What underlying condition caused it blow?) there's little you can do.
  24. @cae.len - Unless it is an unreleased product, here's Lian Li's product page for their existing desks. Scroll down a bit to see the dimensions.