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  1. Well, I found the culprit. My pc was fine as I suspected, but at some point within the last few days my Thermaltake SpinQ quit working (a wire to the more broke away from the solder). I don't know how my cpu didn't die while taking some serious heat. I checked idle temps after gaming they were a constant 80c
  2. To specify, I'm getting horrendous stutters occasionally when playing Fortnite. My dumb ass forgot to take a screenshot, but my usages are: 2678v3 - 29% GTX 970 - 70-80% Ram - 8.6/23.8gb HDD - is fairly low but forgot exact %
  3. Anything from 1440 and up with 120 fps is possible.
  4. Processor is the same as 2680v3 Just curious as to what gpu I should be using with to not experience too much of a bottle neck like I am with my 1050ti. To my understanding bottleneck calculators are terrible. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  5. I've got an R9 390X, but it seems to be bottlenecking my cpu (e5-2678v3). Kinda on a budget.
  6. I'd tried that as well before posting. Thank you for the response though.
  7. The title explains it. Alt = start menu Win + Tab = task changer Alt + Tab = task view etc. Please tell me a fix.
  8. Randomly my ALT + Tab stopped working. Window + Tab functions how ALT + Tab is supposed to be working, and vice verse. Some of my other shortcuts seem to be acting weird as well. My Cntrl+Shift+P generally brings up Geforce experience, but now it's showing print settings. The AltTabSettings weren't in the registry, so I created one. Did nothing. I've checked multitask settings, keyboard shortcut settings, sticky key settings, and more. Tried my keyboard shortcuts as well, but it wasn't them either. I multitask far too much for this annoying sh*t to be happening. Windo
  9. PC boots and gives signal anything from SSDs, but not will not give any monitor signal from HDDs. I've bought two HDDs and tried multiple known good drives. PC refuses to give any signal. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. I am truly getting out of my zone when it comes to keyboards. Could someone please inform me of all of the parts needed to build an ergonomic mechanical board. lube stabilizers master/slave pcb keycaps switches What solder? Use flux? I appreciate any help!
  11. Built my new daily a few weeks ago and for time consumption purposes I installed everything on SSDs. Well, those drives were small so I bought and used some other HDDs that I had. Problem is my pc will not boot with any HDD. Does not matter if I pull all other drives. PC is on but sits with "no signal". Even on the HDD that has an installation of Windows it just sits with no signal, despite having the latest drivers for my GPU on that drive. If you could help or give a thought that'd be great.
  12. So far this problem just seems to happen in Fortnite. I understand it is a cpu intensive game but I wasn't having this issue all that long ago. Late game proves to be a hard hit for even much newer Kaby lake line up. Tested monitors, same outcome: LG-25um57 Asus VG248QE Again, I've also lowered aspect ratio to 16:9 and in game resolution along with 3D resolution and this issue just sticks around with the same fps as before.
  13. I'll give that a try and see how it it works.
  14. No, I use a dual link DVI which is plugged into my 1050.