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  1. So I am a teacher and regularly use Zoom With my students. I really want to use a "virtual background" so they dont see my messy house. LOL. Could I just use a solid color image file instead? Any workaround suggestions would be awesome. Thanks
  2. What would be the best solution for accessing my files from anywhere? Mobile access is not need. Suggestions?
  3. i usually try for 1080 or 1440 depending on game.
  4. DOOM, assassins creed.....stuff like that. 850 watt corsair PSU, 477k, and a GTX 760.
  5. Ok, so i need some advise. What is the highest end GPU i could pair with a 4770K @ 4.6? 4 240GB sata3 SSD's in raid 0. Do you think the CPU could end up being the bottle neck for RTX series? Just looking for upgrade suggestions. Thanks
  6. At what point do you think my cpu with be the bottleneck? i am running at 4.9 but its a 4790k
  7. OK i am looking to upgrade my video card. I have a older system run a i7-4790 @ 4.9 stable, 32 gb 2400 mhz ram, x87 mobo, 2 480GB intel ssd's in Raid 0 with a huge raid 5 array backing everything up. I have been looking at the benchmarks for some of the cards and it looks like some of the 10 series perform better than the 16 series? Could that be true? I cant quite yet justify spending on a 20 series yet. Thoughts and suggestions? How can the 10's be better than the 16's? Thanks
  8. Is there really any reason for a person to use a proxy now days with vpn's being all over the place. Thanks Eric
  9. My question is: For power saving, is there a way to allow my plex server to go to sleep, but when i travel and try to watch a movie, have the server wake up and stream the movie? Thanks everyone
  10. Also, if i do have to use software raid, which is better, Dynamic Disk or Storage Spaces?
  11. Ok so I have a few questions for everyone and would love some input. I have a win 10 pro dual core shuttle xpc and added 2 4TB WD Reds and will be running them in raid 1. I have a few questions.... 1. The original OS was installed to a sata2 WD green 320 using "native IDE" (which i think uses a MBR) Will there be any advantage to reinstalling windows under AHCI mode? Should I wipe that drive and use GPT instead of MBR? Will i really notice a difference? 2. The onboard RAID controller for this mobo only sees 2TB of the new WD reds. I wanted to use the onboard c
  12. I just don't want to pay. The free version allows unlimited access but there has to be someone in front of the pc to click ok. If you want true "god-like" powers where i can take over their pc's when ever i want, its only free for 14 days then you have to an acct. Sucks Thank you everyone for all your help. I just found out about the forums from a linus video recently talking about about bunch of drama going on. Did not even know this place existed. ALL of you are amazing and so helpful. Thanks
  13. oh ok, sorry i didn't know the forum etiquette. My parents are both very old and need unattended access, and teamviewer charges for that after 14 days, RDP gave me a easy option. FTP will give me the ability to push files over if i need to replace anything. I also have a huge movie library and if i was at a friends house and wanted to give hime the file, i thought FTP would be a easy way to do that. That was my intent with all of this thanks Please correct me if I am wrong about any of this or if there is a easier way
  14. I have no idea what sftp is and i am figuring that public-private key is some kind of PGP offshoot. Anyplace you could direct me to learn more? All the youtube stuff says different things. I don't think you can turn off the ftp server in the asus router, but i will double check. Thanks again guys, you are life savers