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  1. I have a i5 8600 non k and an msi z370 pro carbon ac. Do u think the cpu is faulty? How do i test that
  2. So i have a corsair vengeance rgb 2x8 ddr4 3000mhz cl 15 set of ram. The only way for me to run both of the sticks simultaneously is to run at stock settings all auto on 2133mhz. If i try to turn on xmp on (or manually increase the settings at all) the pc crashes. Sometimes wont boot sometimes after 5min in windows and sometimes in a game. This is my troubleshooting so far using memtest86. Each teat about 2h long Xmp on dual channel: alot of errors as expected stock settings dual channel: no error single stick xmp on: no error on all slots both sticks teste
  3. Hi guys sorry if this is a stupid question. i am building my first computer from ground up and im really confused about where to place the radiator. the case im using is the corsair spec-06 rgb. there is no space to place it at the top so im forced to mount i in the front. so the confusing part for me is that neither the push nor pull config make any sense to me. if i use push config then no air is entering the case and if i use a pull config then only warm air enters the case. could anyone please explain how this works? thanks.
  4. can someone please help me with my GPU i have tried everything and nothing seems to work. the temperatures is always high even when its completely idle. if i set the temperature limiter to max and run the kombustor stress test the GPU reaches max temperature after a few minutes. i am using a gtx 980 ti strix but this cant be normal.
  5. do i need a new cpu? whats wrong with this one? adn what is single channel memory?
  6. i get 100% cpu usage and around 45% gpu usage this was harder than i thought to measure
  7. i can post some pictures of the inside but i dont want to reinstall the os in case i return the pc
  8. how do i check this? do i need to install a program?
  9. first time posting so im sorry if i am doing anything wrong. bought a used pc today and im contemplating whether i should return it or not. i think that its under performing based on the hardware it has. im not very tech savvy and its my first pc so i might be completely wrong about my expectations. the specs are: 980 ti i5 6400 8gb ddr4 ram z270-p prime motherboard. samsung 850 evo 500gb (got these specs from the seller so i have no idea if they are true or not) average fps im getting on 1080p ultra: the witcher 3: higher 40s