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  1. EVery time I read about Google AI working on crime statistics they talk about how the results are racist and then gut the AI to get the results that fit their narrative, because everything and one has one now, so maybe with her gone we can get real unbiased data.
  2. I mine and SETI and F@H and have been since about 2000.... I giggle my ass off at these threads. I live in a place where micro-hydro is popular. For about $700 more than the original cost of a small hydro generator I got something much bigger and it's all renewable the fish go back and forth though it no problem. I'm trying to cure cancer with a brute force attack I need as many new gpus as I can get. There are a lot of wealthy people that get energy for near nothing. The smart thing is to exploit that and they do. So be mad all you want but it seams misdirected. Even the partners complained a
  3. I have BMW with a fob but I'm not worried about that getting stolen, it's my clean 2000 civic I own that is still the most stolen car ever that I worry about. Also the signal that a fob sends out for 99% of cars has zero control over the starting of the car only the lock mechanisms and lights.
  4. Facebook has been wrong before many times about many things, they have no business steering the direction of peoples thoughts or conversations. People are so confused these days about reality they think it's ok to get info from stuff biased humans have written, and there seams to be no one impartial. I for one can't even read the wiki about my own-self or my area of expertise with out seeing untruthful biased info. People "do there own research" pull up wiki and take it as fact, not a clue in the galaxy how to do real research.
  5. I'm intrigued enough to ask for a link to some of these routers you mention. Cus even the listing on the Walmart sight says it is marked down from $139 and comparable to $100 competitors.
  6. I'm an old school Net admin from 90's and I block every advertisement I can at home. I had no clue YT had ads till about 2-3 years ago go. I got second hand apple iphone was learning how to set up ad blockers on that and noted ads in the YT app. It made me realize if I had to watch these ads and if SponsorBlock did not work I would not use YT as much. The day they block users that block ads is coming too, just like spotify.
  7. Jet shopped for the same, lowest I could find was about $100 for something that can do the job as advertised.
  8. I took that same image and upscaled it to 4k with topaz on a old x99 and it took not any time, what are we even showing here? When you do this type of work on a PC it leverages the GPU too that seams way more powerfull to me seeing as you can get a laptop with a full GTX card for <$500. And then you could even do 4k up-scaling on video too on that <$500 pc
  9. Not even reading/watching reviews for new stuff anymore. For weeks now my local Microcenter has been out of stock of AMD cpus even 3600, all RTX cards, all Amd cards except 5700 with a crazy priced water, block, most PC cases. When asked about the RTX cards "well we sometimes get 1-3 of them in the mornings on the big truck and there's 30 people in line waiting for them." When asked about AMD cpus "well we sometimes get 1-3 of them in the mornings on the big truck and there's 30 people in line waiting for them." When asked about AMD GPUs "well we sometimes get 1-3 of them in the
  10. MEGA did this same thing only worse they put a max of 5gb per day on all downloads. I was doing some BMW coding to get my windows to roll up when car is parked and the windscreen senses rain. The Daten files I needed where like 15GB hosted only on MEGA I had to pay $15 for free files or wait 3 days.
  11. I own many many Intel Cpus Haswell to the Lakes none have any integrated graphics, I never bought he low end Intel CPUs with it. Least you forget HEDT users too.
  12. I have a 3-4 yo Note 8 RN it's fine, just got a new update now it has macro zoom for magnifying app that is insane. I used it to solder a new backlight filter on a iphone 6s crap for the 5th time.
  13. iphone has LTS? I switched from iphone 4 to Android Note2 because the iphone got an update that slowed it down. It definitely had zero support after the next iphone came out. Right now I daily a Note 8 and it still is fast AF and gets updates.
  14. Windows phone was quite the good alternative imo and see how that didn't work.
  15. The other day I wanted the older version of "ES file explore" that actually had working SMB 2.0 for my Note 8 so I looked for older apk files. Aptoide tricked me into installing itself but I'm not even mad. I'm impressed by the alternative app store. Maybe some big app like Floatplane could partner with one of the bigger alternative app stores and influence it into sounding and being less shady.
  16. Loading the app up for the first time and the first thing I see is content creators that wear MAGA hats and pro trump videos so no guessing for me why Google/they chopped it. I can't even use Google search to do real school research anymore it just seams so biased.
  17. Everyone forgets but like every launch since gtx 900 has had shortages that drive up the price. One day they where $380 next day I went to get one they had 2 left and had to check management for "real prices" I was standing there at the POS negotiating and haggling price like it was a used car purchase. They wanted $520 for it. That was like 1-2 months after launch, are you even a early adapter at the point. It was the first time i was able to even get my hands on a box of 1000 series and then for shifty microcenter to jack up the price basically killed all the fun in getting the card, it was
  18. last time they did this >goes to Microcenter to get a nice new retail boxed Intel cpu. >I can even set the new box next to all the old ones I have in the game room >New ridiculous box art or shape >buys an AMD system New box would have clashed with the game room theme. True story. Something about making boxes look different to sell more irks me
  19. My GTX 970 setup had the power to drive my large res monitors but always ran out of memory and it was a PITA and a sad story of a great card that could have been legendary.
  20. If you pay all your bills on time and use credit then a 24yo in the US can get about as much credit as they want I had $150k of credit at 24YO I always thought that as crazy I could have $150k in plastic and use it all but if I wanted a $40k business loan No Bueno
  21. I had a X4 965 Black Edition. I was higher wattage TDP than the others 140 vs like 120. So naturally I intentionally put it on a cheap MSI mobo not rated for 140 watts and it caught on fire.
  22. It took me an entire Saturday night I just sat there sanding with multiple different grades.