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  1. PSA the title here sorts sucks the news states Express VPN CIO Daniel Gericke is a former US intelligence and military operatives who, under a deal to avoid prosecution, admitted to violating US hacking laws by working as "cyber spies under Project Raven" for the United Arab Emirates and were fined $1.6 million. Express VPN then the following day was sold to a Jewish Israeli ex surveillance agent and billionaire previously convicted of insider trading, under umbrella corp. "Kape Technologies" (Private Internet Access, ZenMate and CyberGhost.) In 2016, Project Raven was
  2. Fix my issue but it was PITA. Windows shows and reboot last night for an update the update has no number. With razor mouse plugged in machine takes 5 minutes to boot when usually it's instant. With razor mouse plugged in administrator account asks for login with no password assigned. Files claim administrator privileges are out of order. Unplug razor mouse. Reboot into safe mode fix privilege order boot into Windows everything works fine. Shut machine off plug in razor mouse all the issues come back. This machine usually doesn't get updated but a while back
  3. I don't have time right now to look at the update and what it's pertain to with the number but I am in The insider program. I usually get updates before a lot of other people. Unplugging all of my razor legacy devices seems to have an effect on the machine booting as well. This is brand new.
  4. Microsoft push an update to my machine last night, seems to be related to the razor incident. It added an administrator account, removed administrator privileges from my main account locked me from accessing any files on any of my drives. Anytime I try to move delete any file anywhere I'm denied access even logged in as administrator trying to change any administrator settings on any account they're all grayed out trying to change settings and command prompt gives me errors. I was able to give myself full file privileges back by right clicking on OS drive selecting authorized users
  5. I thought I made it quit clear I'm not a fan of any brand, that's sorta the tone i get from that statement. But if all it take is some old mouse plugged in to a external USB port to destroy MS security then it was not security in the first place. We have seen this SAME PROBLEM before many times, especially with the ATMs where had NT/2000 on them. Microsoft lost a court battle over the USB bypass then, and now here we are again same thing.
  6. I have a bunch of Razer Mouse naga and hex I found a red one with the lava- it is the only Mouse I have found I can hold, I have two titanium implants from one of the wars in Afghanistan. Being partly disabled has forced me to be very specific when it comes to the settings in the Razer software. I was competitive in FPS in early 2000s so losing my hand I lost a lot. I have all the x y speeds set so I can actually use a mouse like I did before my hand was blown to heck with a Nokia trigered IED. I love that I can take my mouse to any place with a pc or any Android phone just plug it in and it w
  7. I was just looking for new tools for the work site and DEWALT TOOL CONNECT has GPS, wifi and BT now so you can track the tool and it's usage on the job. I did not like that shit and it looks like it will be in everything Dewalt soon so I bought the Bosch system that was on sale and has none of it.
  8. Honesty I stopped caring about Mozilla when the diversity hire team forced pocket to blare LGBTWXYZ stuff on my start page and I had to manually remove it every update. Then when I complained about it to the pocket team on twitter I got berated by some "team leader" chick who called me raciest names (I'm not even white i'm a immigrant) that had also been constantly posting about being in a pool she just bought from all the hard work she did on shity pocket. She was fired a short while later and I never saw pocket again. I worked long enough around companies like this to
  9. The largest SMR drives I have is for a PLEX server I think it's 8 TB x2 Raid 0 (because I'm a made man) and when they cascaded rewrite it takes like 15mins for the system to realize whats happening as it locks up and freezes and the drive sit there at max. 20TB SMR drives can't be a usable thing unless its cold storage IMO. https://www.seagate.com/tech-insights/breaking-areal-density-barriers-with-seagate-smr-master-ti/ "When a user needs to rewrite or update existing information, SMR drives will need to correct not only the requested data, but any data on the following tracks
  10. Jdownloader 2 1Gb fiber 2x 30tb Dell R710 been ripping nonstop since I found out
  11. Yep and no parts to buy so I'll just mostly ignore all this. I'm not using an os that requires cutting edge parts all the X99 cpus i have work great.
  12. That's not how it works. Take a $100 bill and go around your town trying to spend it. Where I live just no-one will take it (fear of counterfeits) . I get paid in cash sometimes, its a PITA to find a gas station or store that will take them.
  13. I can't justify paying that, it is just not worth it to me to play games that are becoming repetitive broken and full of virtue signaling and less and less of what I want and more "politically correct" crap. I had $5.7k saved up for a new rig but last year I just straight up switched hobbies. Did you guys know you can get a fast turbo JDM car for about the same amount of money as they want you to pay to play games?
  14. It saved a whole country from damnation (Venezuela if you live under a rock) this week but go on and keep fighting it and not understanding the need for it.
  15. RIP finding good working mobos at the scrapyard. 100% of all the intel LGA mobos that would work great are destroyed because LGA is fragile and the socket cover never gets put back on. I find piles of good Z170s and have taken the time to repair a few but they are mostly all destroyed pins, so much E-waste. I find an A320 in the gaylords and works every time.