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  1. really gonna trust. . . this any links to some legit articles? This could be interesting but also who would really care.
  2. yep another reason to not use any facebook products. First it was data breaches and selling. Now it's the actual government
  3. I prefer the white with blue m monster. And the summer blends of redbull. But overall monster is better. When I'm not drinking those then mnt dew game fuel, or gamersups.
  4. Razer phone 2: No rectangle edges. Bigger battery 6,000 mAh snapdragon 855+ Headphone jack wireless charging. razer blade pro 17: the 2080 4k screen model.
  5. I had a similar problem with my old laptop the fans would not always work I bought a small desk fan and just aimed it at the exhaust and disconnected the fans in the laptop it cooled down then.
  6. My razer kraken v2 broke in under a year the cord broke and stopped working.
  7. I've always been into tech with phones and consoles but my first pc wasn't until 2013 when I got an i3 laptop that could barely run tf2 and portal. I didn't build my first pc until a year ago.
  8. Damn I wish that was me... This is the problem these days I mean go onto eBay and look at the Mario cereal. I had to go out of my town to find it.
  9. Why? Why not just bars of light like in all the music videos. Hexagons look good for a perfect cyber city. But lets be real in the future a lot of places are going to be like night city from cyberpunk a mix of perfect world and neon and lights in the poorer part.
  10. What does that mean It's just a name. Like as if I'm going to use my real name online.
  11. This is so far from the truth. I mean look at games like r6 and overwatch where they ban 1000s of accounts a week. while yes some games don't care like cs:go and other stuff. Alot of them do and are trying to prevent cheaters or scammers=.
  12. yeah with 25 wins to 3 losses yeah they've won.
  13. Hey so the grand finals finals are on Sunday who do you think is going to win?
  14. yes it is a sandwich. It is basically two pieces of bread connected.
  15. Hi. This is a great place!!!
  16. I've been using a membrane keyboard to game and it is finally starting to break and the keys don't always register. I went to a few different stores and they had red switches but they did not fit what I need. I need a small keyboard preferably with rgb that has interchangeable key and switches, also I need quiet switches because I have been keeping people awake in the house with my cherry red switches.
  17. I just saw it and it definitely gives off a darker and more grand vibe than the other cod games. I think the direction they were going for was a crossover of mw and ghosts but I haven't seen any game play so not sure. but from what I've read definitely more of the dark and serious tone.
  18. This is why gamers are the most oppressed people on earth. Gamers rise up!!!
  19. The 2019 call of duty announcement is in 45 minutes. Any ideas of what it is going to be? also can someone link the live stream in here Im at work and want to watch it
  20. imma buy this and Build a 3 TV monitor layout with 1 ultra wide TV and two vertical mounted