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  1. Play the crew 2 it's pretty good also the new need for speed game.
  2. John_Trollinski


    hey where did you get that mousepad. It's pretty nice.
  3. This weekend I take my Grandma to the airport. Play video games, Watch the ow world cup. And probably finish my netflix shows before my subscription ends. Or I could be evacuated because of the wild fire in which case none of this will happen.
  4. What's up gamers? I'm just a man that wants to play video games, look at cute Asians and stay sufficiently hydrated


    1. dizmo


      She's gotta be at least part Filipina ?

    2. John_Trollinski


      no Korean and Japanese 

    3. John_Trollinski
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  5. They probably want to stop Chinese companies from selling off brand controllers/ cases
  6. I have no problem with display port. You might have a problem with your monitor. Dp has been a good port for gaming for years.
  7. Thanks I will. My power and water has been on and off all week.
  8. @Teddy07 I don't really care I've been watching the same 2 streamers for about 4 years now. I ignore a lot of the internet drama because I have a better use of my time.
  9. No I only get begining ads except for ow league they have mid roll because they broadcast like tv same with the nfl games. subbing removes all ads.
  10. they did? Becuase I only get ads when I click on the channel when it is live. I don't get mid broadcast ads. Also the streamers I watch I sub to liek pokimane and xqc so I don't see ads at all.
  11. Twitch has commercials unless you have twitch prime which is free if you have amazon prime. If you have amazon prime you get free shipping and some discounts on products you can then also use the ltt amazon affiliate link
  12. Besides gaming I like anime, vaporwave graphic design, watching films, and modes of transformation ex: one wheel motorbikes and cars.
  13. https://fortnite.gamepedia.com/Release_Timeline Fortnite was first announced in 2011 and was officially released on July 2017 as Early Access phase. It says here the game was announced in 2011 so it's been longer than 4 years. And I don't know if they are talking about 4 years after it came out because it's only been 2 years. This seems a little like Aw my child plays video game because I can't parent. Well it's not my fault it is the video game let me sue them for my bad parenting. This sounds like a Dr Phil episode or Jeremy Kyle show.
  14. Is there a lot of that. I thought it was like division 2 where you can do the whole game by yourself. but if you wanted to you could do online.
  15. I don't care about where it is from. I would just like to read more.
  16. It came out today and I am thinking of buying it should I?
  17. @spartaman64 can you put a link to an article in the thread. I would like to read more.
  18. Your not wrong. People believe everything that the people running there country say. they don't question it. literally my history teacher at school on the first day said hey now that most of you can vote question everything that they say. Because you never know when they want to screw you over.
  19. @Lurick dang. I thought this was just for facebook. Dang this would never pass through the people when voting came around.
  20. honestly water with fruit or veggies. let them get the flavor in the water.