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  1. I believe having watched those videos. The vault is really old content that we will never see again. And the petabyte project was set up for current content creation. That would make sense from a work point of view. Have the vault hold content that is 3+ years old or something Like that.
  2. No oh god no. If google went pay to use there would be so much better ngl.
  3. Hey can I have Spyro Reignited trilogy. Or soulcaliber. Thanks.
  4. Yeah your right. Try to get an rma on the board and the cpu.
  5. Yeah @Its_An_Outrage! do you have a diffrent mobo or something? To test the cpu.
  6. Yeah thats not bad. Here in the part of the us I live in that is 2000 usd computer.
  7. I have lost plenty of mobos from having bent pins in it. But also my postal service sucks. They put my packages on the side walk. No where near my house.
  8. they don't sorry thinking of an older cpu. Thats on me
  9. what do you mean by the temp is it on all cores or 1 core. rainbow should not do that to your pc.
  10. His internet might not be able to handle it. Either that or his computer is really slow and can't handle it.
  11. I get it all the time. Cause I fix computers and help people at my school they think I know programming. I don't I just know enough about computers to take care of them.
  12. Hi your motherboards out put won't work your cpu doesn't have a integrated gpu. Your gpu should work. I think it might be your mobo. Cause if your not getting any errors it could be the mobo.
  13. Check the clock speed. Because that can screw you over. My dads laptop with a 2070 was under clocked and because of that he got low fps and benchmark results. Other wise call who ever you bought your computer from and ask about it. It could be locked from the locked bios that the company set up
  14. If your using pc part picker it should find you the cheapest part of what you want. Yeah this is really good. This is the optimal set up for both the things you want to do.
  15. I don't understand what you are asking. your moving your tv to the other side of the room? Also is your tv a smart tv because depending on what service you have there could be an app on you tv for it. Then you don't need to run cables. Additionally if I'm being honest I'm not sure if what your asking for exists.
  16. They don't make video games they make overpriced computers and phones.
  17. I would recomend the hyper x cloud 2. there pretty good and for the price $100 USD there not bad. I've had mine for almost two years and there still great. And You can buy replacement ear cups and cables online which is nice.
  18. League of legends Nier automata fallout 4
  19. I bought a new desk and some chairs for my game room. I asked for a guitar hero controller so I could play clone hero on pc. I also got tickets to an anime convention.
  20. could be a bad set of fans or bad rgb pins. Could also be the program it's not that good from what I heard. I use asus and hyperx so I don't know
  21. Akibara. It's amazing can spend a lifes savings there. also some of the huge tech malls and game stores.
  22. Red dragon is what I see in tj max. Its for the moms and dads that don't understand tech to buy for the child to play the fortnites on a laptop they bought from there other favorite store wallmart.
  23. Look at Thrustmaster. There good. I had one for the ps3 for grand torismo. I now use it for forza on pc and the crew 2.
  24. I upgraded my graphic cards and my cpu and ram from ddr3 to ddr4 in my opinion it has kept my pc alive for 4 years so far. I can still play the newest games at a good setting.