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    Epimetheus got a reaction from GamerLand in Intel i5-9400F with a B365M   
    From what i know b365 is the refresh of the b360 made to support 9th gen natively. So it would work out of the box.
    However i'd recommend getting a ryzen 5 2600 with a b450 motherboard instead
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    Epimetheus reacted to Fasauceome in PSU compatibility   
    The fact that it's a prebuilt might mean it's proprietary. You can check for yourself and see if it has a 20+4 pin motherboard power connector and a 4 pin or 8 pin CPU power connector
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    Epimetheus reacted to minibois in PSU compatibility   
    Check if the motherboard in the HP even has a 24 pin connector, because  often the prebuilt PC's do not.
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    Epimetheus reacted to TVwazhere in Best case for <60 euros   
    Margherita, Sicilian, Calzones, Romana, hell you can do pepperoni or Hawaiian; whatever floats your Mediterranean boat. These bad boi's can hold it all. 
    Except Deep Dish. That's a literal pie not a pizza.
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    Epimetheus reacted to DildorTheDecent in Best case for <60 euros   
    Well done.
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    Epimetheus reacted to TVwazhere in Best case for <60 euros   
    Dont bully me I am a sick mod ???
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    Epimetheus reacted to WADofMEAT in Best case for <60 euros   
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    Epimetheus reacted to Allyxxx in Best case for <60 euros   
    Deep Cool Matrexx 55 Mesh
    It may not look flashy, but works quite well for air coolers. If you go with a AIO cooler, a 280 or 240 would be best. A 360 AIO can fit, but it's not as easy to install the radiator and fans between the front case bracket.
  9. Funny
    Epimetheus reacted to TVwazhere in Best case for <60 euros   
    Typically this is referred to as a PSU shroud or a PSU basement.
    *internally* dont make an Italian joke, dont make an Italian joke, dont make an Itali-
    *Slaps roof of PC case* These bad bois can hold so much spaghetti!
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    Epimetheus reacted to agent2 in Best case for <60 euros   
    Maybe something like this: 
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    Epimetheus got a reaction from dwalin772 in Ebay pc build not working   
    it depends on what you want to do with it.  If it's gaming, it's not even decent
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    Epimetheus got a reaction from dwalin772 in Ebay pc build not working   
    pick up what the guy suggested, a 4 core 8 threads Xeon
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    Epimetheus got a reaction from 191x7 in AM4 upgrade from Ryzen 5 1600X (budget cautios)?   
    I'd actually keep the 1600x, until it's not enough for you anymore
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    Epimetheus got a reaction from Tristerin in AM4 upgrade from Ryzen 5 1600X (budget cautios)?   
    I'd actually keep the 1600x, until it's not enough for you anymore
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    Epimetheus got a reaction from Mateyyy in For future proof? Which CPU?   
    If you can afford the i9 budget you could buy the Ryzen 9 3900x, if not still the ryzen 7 3700x is on a platform that will have the next ryzen generation too
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    Epimetheus reacted to Mateyyy in For future proof? Which CPU?   
    The more "futureproof" option would be the 3700X, just because the AM4 platform allows upgradability to a 12 core or even 16 core part (3900X, 3950X), as long as you go for a motherboard with good VRMs. A fairly inexpensive one (compared to higher-end boards with similar capabilities) I'd suggest is the Asus TUF X570-PLUS, but you can check the forum's motherboard tier list for more options here.
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    Epimetheus reacted to DarkEnergy in For future proof? Which CPU?   
    If you're planning for the far future, I'd say the more cores the better. Those two processors are very similar, the i9 might be slightly faster but not worth the huge price hike. If you can afford the i9, check out the AMD Ryzen 9 3900x instead. Slightly more expensive but if you wait a month it might drop.
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    Epimetheus got a reaction from 3 Lions in 3000Mhz RAM running at 2133Mhz   
    Activate xmp
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    Epimetheus reacted to Eigenvektor in Why does my function keep looping in c++?   
    Yes, the basic idea would be to have one thread that reads data from the file (e.g. line by line). It places that data into a queue with a fixed size. If the queue fills up, the thread waits until room is available again. You then have multiple threads that take data from that queue and process it (e.g. one thread per CPU). Those threads sleep as long as no further data is available. If the thread that fills the queue is fast enough there should be no "starvation" and the worker threads can work at a steady rate.
    You also need to make sure there is some kind of signal that tells the worker threads that no further data is coming to allow them to shut down once all work has been processed. This is sometimes known as a "poison pill", because it terminates the worker threads.
    This definitely requires synchronization to ensure that the thread writing data to the queue and the threads reading data do not come into conflict and to ensure the reading threads don't process the same work items. The worker threads would then put the results they produce either into a different queue or into an array (which requires locking again to avoid overwriting other thread's results).
    Since the whole thing is complex enough without having to worry about arrays and indexes I would definitely use std::deque and std::vector over raw arrays and for example std::mutex to lock shared resources.
  20. Informative
    Epimetheus reacted to Eigenvektor in Why does my function keep looping in c++?   
    Let me try to explain it a different way:
    Right now, you create an array that is 1000 elements in size. Then you read a file line by line, and put each line into your array (kind of). If your file has more than 1000 lines, this means you'll be trying to write values to array[1000], array[1001], ... and so on. In most cases this will just crash your program.
    This kind of error is known as a buffer overflow and can be used to get your code to execute an attackers code, if done correctly. In a program that is running with elevated privileges an attacker could potentially use such a bug to get the computer to run their code and gain more privileges for themselves.
    This means your loop should stop when either the end of file has been reached or your index is the same value as the size of your array.
    There's a better way to use threads to speed it up, but that's probably overkill here. As long as the code that is doing the calculations is fast enough, you'll mostly be limited by your disk's read speed more than anything else. Using threads isn't going to gain you much.
    If the code is more complex, then using one thread to read the data and multiple threads to parse it can improve speed considerable without the need to read the whole file into memory at once. You'd have to look up the producer/consumer problem.
  21. Funny
    Epimetheus got a reaction from Eigenvektor in Why does my function keep looping in c++?   
    Well shit. I'm a fucking idiot. I kept inputting 1 in the menu switch statement, but I had to press 0. No clue why it outputted my entire list though.
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    Epimetheus got a reaction from Princess Luna in AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Underperforming.   
    oh, that was the firmware. Sorry about that. But yeah my little brother got one a year ago and its ssd froze again and again. My poor brother was stuck with that thing for like 4 months, lol. Got him a crucial bx500, never had a problem since. Great ssd for cheap
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    Epimetheus reacted to nox_ in Keyboard for programming   
    Not sure whats the exact budget is but https://www.amazon.it/Corsair-Tastiera-Meccanica-Retroilluminato-Italiano/dp/B014FV1KBC/ref=pd_sbs_147_18?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B014FV1KBC&pd_rd_r=fecfb1e0-59bc-447e-8d3e-af4cf9952a70&pd_rd_w=LOJAR&pd_rd_wg=Z3yCW&pf_rd_p=582ecf2c-0bd1-4c26-8c96-819ea7741f84&pf_rd_r=GTCRJCC8RYA3NSD2X6WE&psc=1&refRID=GTCRJCC8RYA3NSD2X6WE  or https://www.amazon.it/Cooler-Master-SGK-4060-KKCM1-Quickfire-Tastiera/dp/B01GA0PKZ8/ref=pd_sbs_147_1/260-9172160-5715952?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B01GA0PKZ8&pd_rd_r=fa52ee88-5e70-4178-8293-cb12fc03578e&pd_rd_w=8YiJ6&pd_rd_wg=nWfC0&pf_rd_p=582ecf2c-0bd1-4c26-8c96-819ea7741f84&pf_rd_r=RHFQT1MXMP0FQWA6RA13&psc=1&refRID=RHFQT1MXMP0FQWA6RA13
    Cooler Master one is better and cheaper, not that far from your original budget even,it says italian layout, the pic shows us layout, but it's amazon, so you can return it if the layout is wrong, Even has brown switches, which is nice sound wise, not too loud.  Strafe is decent too, but CM has better build and bottom row is standard if you wanna change the caps some time later.
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    Epimetheus got a reaction from Eigenvektor in Is Upgrading from Intel HD 620 To Inten UHD 620 Worth It???   
    they're litterally the same
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    Epimetheus reacted to Eigenvektor in Need help with Java code   
    final in this context means a variable can't be modified once initialized. https://softwareengineering.stackexchange.com/a/98703