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  1. The 3600 is definitely faster than the 2600, and it's on par with even in terms of price-performance. They're both extremely good value. And are you sure about the 2060? It's much slower than a 5700
  2. If it's the new one you can try using the steam thing, don't know what it's called
  3. Destroys is a strong word rn, it just has an advantage in most titles. Not all though, for example in cs go a 3700x is on par with a 9900k while a 3900x beats it by 30 fps
  4. How can you code proficiently in c but not c++? Dude, all of the overly complicated things c++ has it has carried on from c
  5. There's no such thing as "reductant cores", are you trolling?
  6. I'm studying all 3 languages + python on my own, and i think on a complexity level c++ is far easier to understand than both c and java. Idk about the structures and such and i only program on a basic level for know (i know up to objects and classes)
  7. Yes, definitely. It's one of the best specifically in the vrm section
  8. not by that much, it's just a bit more clunky
  9. If you want a premium experience, i think what @Sorenson said is the way to go. Personally i have bought a year ago the Amazon Basics xbox one controller, it's really not bad but the buttons take a bit of being used to, the dpad isn't good and the triggers after long gaming sessions start to make a kinda squeaking sound. Aside from the sound of the triggers though, maybe I had high standards since i have a switch pro controller, which is really good, but lacks the analog triggers. Without mentioning the fact that xbox controllers are bound to have 1000 times better compatibility with pc, every
  10. I'd say that you should remove the windows key obviously, why would you pay 100 for the limited version when you can get the pro version for like 10 dollars
  11. The site is trash, and bottleneck in itself is a trash word. It's true that the i5 7400 isn't quite up to standard now, but it's still not worth changing considering the market you're in. Furthermore, if you're not having any problems with the pc don't bother troubling yourself with this stuff, that processor is still enough
  12. As much as i love the 570 as a budget choice, the 1660 super is the best choice for what you're going to do with it and the performance you're targeting
  13. i've seen them recommended multiple times and have seen some reviews too. Also, they don't just have one model, what do you mean?
  14. Sabrent is a pretty trusted brand, no need to worry. Also, the 3600 cooler isn't great, and that's definitely a better cooler. The 3600 doesn't come with the prism, it comes with the stealth, you know.
  15. I know some C, c++, java and some Python, and for me the easiest to learn is Python. There's a guy called freeCodeCamp.org on youtube that offers great tutorials and that's what i'm following to learn python. Alternatively there's c++ , but you'd have to learn some of the basics of lower level programming (i mean, it's not like c,c++ and java are low level, they're just lower than Python).
  16. Are you sure he's talking about a gtx 580 and not about the radeon card?
  17. I think it does a fairly decent job, don't pretend too much out of it though
  18. yeah drives are the one of the only things you can carry on into your new computers without any problems whatsoever (aside from driver issues, you should uninstall all the previous drivers or you could run into conflicts)
  19. it's a bit expensive but a really good 5700xt nonetheless
  20. Why shouldn't you? There's not much difference between ssd performance in normal tasks anyways
  21. Then you'll be fine. Check if you'd be better off with a 2070S or a 5700 XT, the 2070 is eol and inferior to these two in terms of performance
  22. It wouldn't be a bottleneck, but you should also consider a 5700 xt and then make your choice. What's the power supply model?
  23. It's unlikely you're getting bottlenecked by the 8600k, they're pretty balanced out. For just gaming, you really don't need to go higher than an 8700k or a 9700k
  24. He already has an a 8600k so he's already got the motherboard, it would cost more to get a cpu and a motherboard that perform the same than to actually upgrade his cpu