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  1. you're fine everything up from an i5 9600k or a ryzen 5 3600 won't bottleneck anything
  2. yeah that's pretty good, i'd say you can't do much better
  3. Are you sure ram that fast is viable? Maybe you could get 32gb of slightly less fast ram
  4. try to look online for the max power consumption of these cards
  5. on a budget that tight, i'd say no. The 3600 would bottleneck every card you could buy for that price and you wouldn't get much more performance. Go for the 2600. Just out of curiosity, what do you plan to build?
  6. Because the Ryzen 9 3900x is not 8 cores/16 threads, but 12 cores/24 threads. That's a 50% increase. Now the 9900k is beating the 3900x not because it's faster. The games that are out now don't that many threads at all (and you can prove that by seeing how much difference there is between say, the 8700k and the i9 9900k. It's a small margin that proves that the extra cores aren't used that much) and because of that the cores which are singularly faster perform better, hence why the 9900k performs a little better. And the counter argument with the fx 8350 is stupid if you ask
  7. you know there's something called future proofing right, buying the processor that puts out maybe 10 fps more right now is pretty stupid since the 3900x has much more resources that aren't much utilised right now but are going to be in the future
  8. because it's the cream of the crop in terms of mainstream motherboards since it supports pci-e gen 4 and other sweet things
  9. From what i've heard the x470 doesn't damage the performance of the 3rd gen processors so i guess you'd be good with that
  10. Stupid question just out of curiosity, what do you think would be faster, a ryzen 5 2600x+ rx 580 8gb or a ryzen 5 3600+rx 570 8gb?
  11. i have a zotac geforce gtx 1060 ti, an asus h310m-k motherboard, 8 gb ddr4 2400mhz and the game is stored on a 1tb hdd
  12. Hi guys, i have a little problem I'm trying to play rage 2 on pc, but it doesn't even start. I mean, from task manager you can see the process, but nothing really happens. Is it because i have a 2 core 4 threaded part or is it something else?
  13. that's a very good monitor, if only it was available in europe. I swear you guys in us have the best monitor market
  14. If you're going with 1080p gaming and are doing a cheap build i think the rx 580 is the way to go
  15. Hi, i'm looking for a monitor for my friend in the 100-120 price tag, what are the best options?
  16. If I were you i'd change motherboard CPU and RAM instead, the GTX 980 ti is still a great card while the FX 8350 is not
  17. Are you sure the gt 710 supports that high of a refresh rate at that resolution?
  18. It also happens sometimes when i'm using it normally and i hit the plane where It stands on (even though obviously it's just for a sec), does that mean something?
  19. Do you mean the case fan or some other fan? I don't think it's the hard drive, my PC is 2 months old
  20. My pc decides to do this whenever i turn it off right after i'm done playing heavy games, any idea of what It could be? VID_20190116_215902.mp4