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  1. /* * To change this license header, choose License Headers in Project Properties. * To change this template file, choose Tools | Templates * and open the template in the editor. */ package esercizio2; import java.util.*; /** * * @author studente */ public class Esercizio2 { /** * @param args the command line arguments */ public static void main(String[] args) { CartaDaGioco[] carte = new CartaDaGioco[53]; int i; Random random=new Random(); for(i=1;i<=52;i++){ if(i<=13){ if(i<=10){
  2. Hey guys, i know the code is probably ass, but i just want to get it working. What's the problem with this code? I commented the lines 177-179, but it gave me the same error
  3. Aside from the i/o which i don't know, the pro4 is a much better quality board overall
  4. Epimetheus

    Python IDE

    I know PyCharm is good, don't know many others
  5. For cpus, i know that intel and amd have a contract that makes x86-64 exclusive to them
  6. What the hell? I've never seen such low results, are you sure that isn't a specific case?
  7. The x570 a-pro is terrible, if you just want x570 then you can get an asus prime board for the same price. However for cheaper the b450 is still a great choice
  8. a 2500u for example has got the same graphics as the 2200g, and no intel chip is able to play a modern game at all, not even on unplayable terms. Just not at all. Also Intel chips are really not that more power efficient. It really depends on what the op is going to do with it. If he's planning on using it for something that leverages cpu horsepower definitely comet lake is the best choice, but if it's for general usage for a price that doesn't allow a dGPU i'd definitely go for something Ryzen
  9. Intel, as of now, doesn't reign much in the laptop section. Their comet lake cpus are faster, but their integrated graphics are real trash, while ice lake cpus are pretty much on par with ryzen cpus while having slightly worse graphics. So i guess what fits you best, but there's not a real gap. I'd take a Ryzen mobile laptop any day of the week just for the integrated graphics that would let me play games btw, but if you want to get a pc with dedicated graphics then it doesn't really matter
  10. Do you already have the components you've listed? Because if you do and you're using it mostly for gaming, you should really change gpu and psu first
  11. To be clear, we're also doing c now, we did c++ a year ago. In my opinion though it's simpler for beginners to pick up c++ than c, since there are strings, the input may be confusing for noobs who have no idea of what they're doing compared to a simple cin, the likings. Also file management is pretty similar between the two. We basically started with c++ to learn the basics, then this year we're doing both java and c, in different classes. In java we're doing classes and objects, while in c we're doing processes and soon threads
  12. Dude, what's the point of continuing a thread where I already admitted i knew it on a superficial level. At my school they didn't teach us classes, objects and the such in c++, we're doing them in java. Gotta streamline if they want to teach us 8 languages in 3 years i guess. I'm including html and css though, not really programming languages but still languages
  13. No, there's no advantages, and it would just put more work on the memory controller i guess
  14. Do you want to make your pc detonate with that power supply? A VS650 with a 9700k and a 2080S?
  15. Why the gen 4 ssd with an Intel platform which will bottleneck it? Also why are you buying Windows 10?
  16. I don't know much about the advanced stuff so I guess you're right?
  17. Well, there's the panasonic gamecube
  18. Knowing what your configuration is would certainly help