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  1. #include <iostream> #include <string> #include <fstream> #include <stdlib.h> #include <stdio.h> #include <time.h> #include <thread> using namespace std; struct sPokemon{ string nome; string tipo; int speed; int util; }; void lookname1(int n, sPokemon galardex[],string nome){ int start=0; for(int i=start;i<n/2;i++){ cout<<"i e' "<<i<<endl; if(nome==galardex[i].nome){ galardex[i].util++; break; } } } void lookname2(int n, sPokemon galardex[],string nome){ int start=n/2; for(int j=start;j<n;j++){ cout<
  2. How is that a question? It all depends if the cpu is good enough to run it, obviously an old pentium or i3 isn't going to cut it but everything above is a good match
  3. oh, that was the firmware. Sorry about that. But yeah my little brother got one a year ago and its ssd froze again and again. My poor brother was stuck with that thing for like 4 months, lol. Got him a crucial bx500, never had a problem since. Great ssd for cheap
  4. it's performing half of what the next worst a400 performs like, there's obviously some kind of problem there
  5. did you update your ssd's drivers? Anyways yeah it's probably the ssd that's slowing everything down
  6. What would be your better options?
  7. i see. Honestly though at this point I might just go for a devastator 3, all the ones linked have some sort of caveat, so i'll just stick to what works for me i guess
  8. By going above my budget, how is the logitech g413 in terms of typing and noise?
  9. Something that uses italian and isn't loud then?
  10. There must be something objective too, like keyboard shortcuts comfortable to reach or a good spot to rest my wrists
  11. Yeah i'm looking for a full size keyboard, and I listed what i need in the answer above. The Corsair K55 actually looked like a really compelling choice but in Italy It costs around 70 euros, and idk how importing from the US works
  12. The problem is, i have no place where I can try out keyboards near to me as far as i know. I don"t really care about mechanical switches (even though it'd be nice), but i'd prefer them not to be squishy and to not produce much noise. Also I really need retroillumination, since lots of times I find myself using the keyboard in the dark. That's the main reason why i'm finally putting my CM Devastator 1 to sleep, the backlighting doesn"t work well anymore. I guess its layout feels comfortable, but idk
  13. Hey guys, i'm looking into buying a new keyboard, and i'm gonna use it mostly for programming, so that means a lot of typing and using shortcuts. What are my best options with a budget of 30-40 euros? I live in Italy, so maybe check prices on Amazon.it
  14. yep definitely FX, it's AMD's older and much worse product lineup, from like 6 years ago. Now there's Ryzen, it's more power efficient than Intel (and especially than FX), and is definitely a beast in terms of price/performance
  15. What does "your friend's past experience with Ryzen" mean? Do you have any info on what happened? Also Ryzen launched 2 years ago, he most probably is referring to FX
  16. The 2060 isn't ideal either, the 6600k is basically a 9100
  17. i mean yeah, but bottleneck isn't a huge deal. A quad core will work fine depending on the performance you need. Will certainly hold the card back in almost all cases though
  18. I don't think people in the overworld are the ones that gets in raid. When an online raid pops up you just need to press y, select the raid that popped up and then hope you made it quick enough in the case of a rare pokemon, like a Gigamax pokemon
  19. yeah that's definitely easier lol, didn't think about that. What does "final" stand for?
  20. Yeah, i know that - however, due to how I created the deck, i had to leave out the 0 position. If you want you can check the algorithm I used for it. I suppose I could have made a for cicle to move all the positions back by one once I finished creating it, but didn't feel like it
  21. ok, apparently i've fixed it? I just started the i at value 1 when i'm randomly generating numbers (since the original array, that in the function is called v[], occupies positions 1-53. That's due to how I generate the deck of cards). I though I had already tested doing that but it didn't work, but apparently it does now? Thank you anyways. Quite frankly, (leaving out the function controllaColore that is pure garbage and then i've remade it from scratch in the other function much better), how is my code? Is it trash or am I doing things the right way?
  22. i've done further testing, and it looks like the object in position 0 is null, while the others aren't. Can't pinpoint the reason though