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  1. In my opinion if it's an old psu it has the possibility of dying on you
  2. Are you sure that is a case? That looks massive
  3. the 3700x should be much faster than both, but idk if it'd be worth it to pay that much for what you're doing. Honestly the best price/performance ratio for an 8 core is definitely the 2700
  4. You can set up a MacOS virtual machine pretty easily (even if i didn't get it to install the tools needed to optimize the virtual machine, dk if it's a common problem or just mine). Either way just follow a youtube tutorial
  5. It'd be like upgrading from a 1070ti to something close to a 1080ti (but not quite at the same level), you decide whether it's worth it or not
  6. you paid 500 for an old slow dual core? Dude you've been scammed hard. 500 is probably the price for a modern aspire, which would be a million times faster
  7. A slow laptop will never become a fast laptop, the only thing you can do is not tax it at all
  8. It's not "only 350", that's a pretty standard if not high price (assuming you're talking about usd?)
  9. Graphical settings, RAM Speed, and the likes can affect game Speed too
  10. So like, i read from the file and then i use other threads to place what the main thread picked from the file in the array?
  11. I don't get much of the exploit part but i'll keep that in mind, thank you
  12. I'm actually re writing with a cleaner and faster code a program I've made a couple months ago. The full program creates a full competitive Pokémon team automatically based on usage and type matching, It's given me some great teams so far
  13. You sound really condescending,unlike @Eigenvektor, who actually didn't get angry at a noob without first asking normally. Try to get your wording better, if you don't want to sound aggressive, man. I proved It was looping since there's a cout for i and j in the for loops in the threads. Without mentioning the fact It kept outputting out stuff, when the variable reached the condition to stop the for statement, it just kept going resetting the variable
  14. Yeah I should've made more debugging output, that's what I usually do. Only reason I didn't do It this time was because I thought the problem was beyond my comprehension, since it's basically my first time applying threads to something
  15. Yeah i know about the array, and i made sure to shrink It as much as possibile. The file is like 850 lines. I don't know about dynamic arrays but they sound interesting, is it like lists?
  16. jesus christ man why are you being this rude. It doesn't have "incorrect behavior", it just does another scan of the array without doing anything. Pretty painless, isn't it? "Why don't i rewrite the program for you while i'm at it"? Is copying and pasting code a difficult thing to do? And yeah, it was pretty stupid on my part to write 1 instead of 0, but since i'm a noob with threading, i though the error was in the code itself. And my debugging efforts were mainly just proving it looped, something I stated in the original post
  17. i'm italian, so that's the reason why I've got some italian words in there lol
  18. yeah it actually does pretty nicely, not sure if i've gained much performance but at least it works lol. Maybe it doesn't work since you don't have the file it needs to run?
  19. Well shit. I'm a fucking idiot. I kept inputting 1 in the menu switch statement, but I had to press 0. No clue why it outputted my entire list though.
  20. I see. Well, i've already seen for myself multi-threading isn't an easy topic, lol. Mainly because my program doesn't work
  21. Is it just bad programming practice or it's just straight up not going to work? Because I think the array gets shared, and the main thread doesn't do anything while the other two threads work. I'm it this way mainly because I haven't studied threads fully yet, just the basics, and my professor doesn't look like he knows what he's doing - that's the main reason why I want to get ahead by myself
  22. Well sorry, i'm used to writing the codes for myself, so I don't comment usually. Second, the two "lookname" functions isn't a problem, i was checking out if the surefire way would've worked. Third- are you sure? how do I modify the original array? I've already tried it a couple of times in different programs and it worked that way; Fourth - idk, doesn't bother me that much. Also, since i've coded it myself and i just copied this part from another program of mine where it worked, i'm sure asking for another name is how it's supposed to work. If you want i can send t
  23. Well, the two threads handle each one half of the array, they should be fine
  24. why do they restart though? When i don't end them they just loop? Even so, i've written t1.join() afterwards, i should've ended it. The threads definitely exit the for loop, but then they just restart