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  1. Hey guys, I'm working on a new project in java and I'm using JScrollPane to be able to scroll through the main panel of the screen.

    Since I want to add a search function, is it possible to scroll down automatically to a specific component? If so, how?

  2. hi guys, my brother just bought a second 144hz monitor to go along with his 60hz one, both 1080p. The 60hz one is connected with HDMI while the 144hz is connected with a Display Port. problem is, when he connects them both to the pc, it shuts down. To turn it on again he needs to remove the cable and turn it on again. Any ideas? he's got a 1050

  3. Hey guys, I recently built my brother a pc, with a new case, motherboard ( a gigabyte b350 ds3h) ,a Ryzen 5 1600AF, and the VS450 and gtx 1050 from his previous system.

    It booted smoothly and worked perfectly the first day. Since yesterday though he's been complaining about his pc rebooting at random. While initially under the impression it could be a driver problem, he has now found out that it reboots whenever the table the pc sits on takes even a small hit. Tried it myself, and it indeed rebooted by hitting the table. What could the problem be? If there were a cable or something coming off, why does it reboot with no problem right after?


    also, his pc didn't turn on like 5 minutes ago, and I managed to turn it on by pushing in the power cable. That might be unrelated though

  4. 5 hours ago, minibois said:


    That means it (the PC and its motherboard) adheres to the ATX standard. 


    Do check if the new power supply has at least as much ampere on each of the voltage levels. Compare the labels on the side of the current and new PSU and see if the ampere is the same or higher on the new PSU.

    Look on the label for 5V, 12V and 3.3V and see the A measurement next to it.

    I'm not getting a new psu, I'm reusing the psu for the new motherboard and CPU. They're low power anyways (a gigabyte h110 and a pentium g4560)

  5. Hey guys, my brother has recently upgraded his motherboard+cpu from an h110+pentium g4560 to a b350+ ryzen 5 1600 af. While at it, I was thinking of maybe using the motherboard and processor my brother isn't using to upgrade my father's pc, which is one of those prebuilts from hp with a 775 with a pentium e5500. Question is, would his power supply be compatible with the more modern motherboard?

  6. On 2/24/2020 at 5:46 PM, TVwazhere said:

    Typically this is referred to as a PSU shroud or a PSU basement.




    *internally* dont make an Italian joke, dont make an Italian joke, dont make an Itali-

    *Slaps roof of PC case* These bad bois can hold so much spaghetti!

    can it contain pizzas too?

  7. Hello guys, I am here once again to ask for your suggestions.

    My brother is looking to upgrade his pc and buy himself a new case, and his budget for the case is about 60 euros. He wants the case to have the space to hide cables and the power supply, I don't know the actual name. What could I get for this budget?