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  1. Still reading through the g-sync compatible info. Many have flickering and so on. Maybe i am more for the all-out version with g-sync
  2. Maybe I then also could drop the g-sync idea and stick with free sync. Also, I am then compatible with AMD as well. Maybe more secure for the future. Only dropping G-Sync should save me some money. Maybe then I could stick with IPS?! Some suggestions for a VA panel monitor? And or IPS?
  3. So, I am mainly a gamer but because I am used to the current iPS panel, I am afraid that I pay 600 or more and get a display what I like less, colourwise. But to be honest I only looked at TN or IPS panels and I don't know how good or bad VA is.
  4. Hello, first of all, thx for reading. I am currently searching for a new monitor. Currently, I have a Dell U2711. It is also a 1440p IPS monitor. What I want in the new one is now also 144hz and g-sync. On the g-sync side, I am not 100% convinced yet because of g-sync compatible monitors. There are a couple of these out there but every time I read about them, people are complaining about the poor panel quality. For example: Asus ROG Swift PG279QAcer Predator XB271HUbmiprz People are complaining about the backlight bleeding and so on.