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    PC hardware, Sci-fi + Fantasy Literature, DnD, Theoretical Physics
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    I'm just your typical tech enthusiast with an initially strong background in computers, math and science which petered out after high school when I dropped out of University and picked up a trade instead
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    3950x / 3900x / 4790k
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    Asus Crosshair VIII Formula / Asus Crosshair VIII Impact / Asus Maximus VI Impact
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    4x8 GB 3600 MHz Cl14 G.Skill / 2x16 GB 3200 MHz Cl14 G.Skill / 2x8 GB 2400 MHz G.Skill
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    Radeon RX 5700 XT / Asus RTX 2080 Turbo / Sapphire Pulse RX 5600 XT
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    NZXT H700i / Lian Li Tu 150 / Silverstone RVZ01
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    Custom EK CPU+GPU with 2x 360mm rads
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    Razer Ornata Chroma
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    Razer Death Adder Elite
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    Steel Series Arctis 7

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  1. you're not completely wrong, unfortunately in a supply constrained market it only takes a handful of idiots to stoke scalpers to keep their prices up and wait. Personally hope a bunch of them get burnt but if we're being honest its not likely
  2. Green screen crash... I’ve only had that when I was playing with high vram overclocks on my 5600xt. Maybe your ram is aging poorly on the card and needs to be underclocked? Could be worth trying so you can stretch things a bit edit: I agree with above that a DDU clean up and driver reinstall may be worth trying first. I’m not sure if you can underclock that cards memory but that could be worth a try as a last ditch effort
  3. I mean, you could just plug them all into cpu and the pump will ramp along with your fans following cpu temp, personally I like to have them separate but if they’re paired together I’d say CPU
  4. so just the psu has to be on, the power cables need to be connected to the motherboard, but the computer needs to be off. You hold the back bios button until it starts flashing I believe, it's not quite a 5 count from my memory of the last time I did it. The LCD display should say BIOS flashback stage 1 and work its way through the stages until done.
  5. with the usb flash tool it's a little more forgiving than usual. If you don't get the file unzipped and renamed properly it just won't try to flash. If the flash fails you can just clean the drive off and try again, maybe with a different bios version. Personally I would avoid any versions labeled beta unless there is a feature you want to try. Looks like right now version 3204 is the current most recent non beta https://rog.asus.com/ca-en/motherboards/rog-crosshair/rog-crosshair-viii-formula-model/helpdesk_bios
  6. 3000 series not required, this board has USB flashback and can flash the bios without any cpu installed if you're so inclined At the very least it should post with default settings so I would look into flashing the BIOS using the flashback utility. I saw a kit with 32gb sticks supported in the list, but not being on the qvl list just means that specific kit hasn't been tested. You may struggle to get the XMP/DOCP settings stable though, will probably have to tune things a bit
  7. have you flashed the bios up to the 5000 supporting version? You can download it, run the rename executable, put the newly renamed file on an empty USB drive, plug the USB into the BIOS marked port on the back of the machine, and hold the bios flash button for a bit, release and it starts flashing the new version edit: I forgot to add that if you can it's suggested you flash the bios while plugged into a UPS so that it doesn't get interrupted. The formula board should be okay even if it fails part way with this usb flashback tool though
  8. you can re-flash the same bios, or flash an older bios and then re-flash the new bios if you want to be super sure that it's all good. I would flash using the BIOS flashback utility as per the previous recommendation. If I'm being perfectly honest my last 2 ATX Asus boards have been a little flakey when it comes to booting known stable memory settings and randomly decide not to pass POST sometimes. Strangely the Impact x570 board is flawless from my experience
  9. if you have spare working parts from other builds it could be worth using them to test which parts are actually working, you may be able to cobble together a working machine with one or two replacements. GPU can be a bit tricky and expensive right now though, but at least your resale value should hold if you manage to get anything at MSRP If you're competent and feel comfortable doing so a complete tear down and rebuild could also fix your issue. You never know, you might have knocked a connection loose while dusting (kinda doubt it, but stranger things have happened)
  10. They are indeed, as I have both of these in my O11 XL and would recognize them anywhere. Personally I like the distro front plate so you can still intake from the side, feed the top radiator more fresh air
  11. Can we move this to RTFM? In all seriousness though, checking your motherboard specs takes about 1 minute. B450 supports up to gen 3 x4 NVME, so no need to buy a new gen 4 drive just stick with the gen 3 drives. Samsung is the top choice for speed and quality with other more affordable drives being fairly reliable now that the tech has matured. Pretty sure the board supports 2 nvme, one through chipset and one through cpu direct lanes.
  12. Use splitters for sure. From my count you should have 3 separate argb cable ends, so you only need one Y type splitter to add 2 of those to one header. Just put what lights you want to control as a group on a single header so if that means you need a 3 way splitter go that way instead. Personally wish the boards came with a couple, but no such luck
  13. Arrogath

    Cpu 100%

    either overclock your cpu to help keep up with the gpu, or limit your frame rate to ease the load on the cpu to help with frame timing. There are a few other minor things to look at Is your ram running XMP? Is your cpu temperatures good? Is their some trash running in the background eating cpu resources?
  14. this would be considered vital information in terms of suggestions. I would lean towards 64 gb of 3200 for sure with that in mind. You may have to just adjust SoC voltage and/or timings if you have stability issues, seems to vary by board a bit
  15. Ryzen 3000? or 5000? or in the unlikely event, 4000 pro? Personally I'm quite happy with 32gb of 3600 but if you want 64gb you may want to keep it closer to 3200 and you may have issues getting that stable as well since it will likely be 4 ranks per channel and not all ryzen memory controllers can handle that at high speeds