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    I'm just your typical tech enthusiast with an initially strong background in computers, math and science which petered out after high school when I dropped out of University and picked up a trade instead
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    3950x / 3900x / 4790k
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    Asus Crosshair VIII Formula / Asus Crosshair VIII Impact / Asus Maximus VI Impact
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    4x8 GB 3600 MHz Cl14 G.Skill / 2x16 GB 3200 MHz Cl14 G.Skill / 2x8 GB 2400 MHz G.Skill
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    Radeon RX 5700 XT / Asus RTX 2080 Turbo / Sapphire Pulse RX 5600 XT
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    NZXT H700i / Lian Li Tu 150 / Silverstone RVZ01
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    Custom EK CPU+GPU with 2x 360mm rads
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    Razer Ornata Chroma
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    Razer Death Adder Elite
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  1. main issue with powerline adapters is your connection quality will vary based on how much electrical noise is on your system. For example cheap led bulbs with trash power factor also tend to generate a lot of excess noise on the line. Could be loads changing as opposed to when you restart your system. Noise also isn't necessarily restricted to the circuit it's generated on
  2. what router do you have, does it seem to be running hot? Do you have any other ethernet cables you could try? what about if you use different ports on the router for your network cable? Have you tried reinstalling the drivers for your network adapter?
  3. 5500xt 8 gb if you can find it or stretch it, should be about a 580 in performance if I recall. If you can get a decent used price I’d say either card should be fine although more vram can be nice in newer titles.
  4. Wel Well, your options are limited if you want a display output. There’s the ryzen pro 4000 series apu but they are difficult to get at a reasonable price for some areas and I don’t know if the processor will support x4x4x4x4
  5. It’s called having a password journal, just lock it in your safe if you’re so inclined. Should be updating your passwords somewhat regularly too so keeping records in a safe and secure place is essential Edit: I completely agree, just like with data backups you should have multiple options setup to improve security. With my example of password journal you could keep multiple journals, at least 2 (on site and off site), in the event of a house fire or something to that extent. Would also be prudent to have the quantity split across multiple wallets so that if one password gets crac
  6. The build looks reasonably good to my eye, I would just suggest not buying from small companies like Vuugo and shopRBC, and maybe PC-Canada. You can ignore that advice if you can't find availability elsewhere, it's just easier to get help if something goes wrong when buying from a larger company with physical stores like Canada Computers or Memory Express. Newegg is also on the better side, but you have to keep an eye on the seller when ordering from them since they act as a marketplace for third parties as well. Ordering for pickup from a physical store is also a great way to save on shipping
  7. my case, the NZXT H700, has a similar layout only without a mesh front. I have all of my top and front fans as intake, with only the rear and psu acting as exhaust. The back of the case is also perforated so the excess air pressure naturally moves out of the case at the back edit: difference is I'm doing watercooling so that was more for fresh air across both my radiators, guess that's important information
  8. Seems like a pretty reasonable little build to me, apart from the older gpu, considering the market lately it's not too bad. The prices feel a bit high for the cpu and gpu, but that's just our new reality for the time being. Personally I would have aimed a bit higher with the power supply, but I would probably build while planning to swap out the gpu in the future and give myself some power budget leeway
  9. while I have seen both work in harmony before in folding rigs it isn't exactly news that the drivers can cause conflicts with one another. This isn't necessarily what's going on here, but I can't immediately see something else wrong. Do you at least see it go through post before getting blank displays?
  10. Buddy any cpu can bottleneck the 3090 if you turn settings down far enough, that's not what this gpu is for. I wouldn't be buying a 3090 without at least a 9900k or above personally, I guess a 3700x is probably close enough in most cases. That's a lot of cash to put down on a card if you aren't going to invest heavily in the rest of the PC
  11. I would use the video as a reference, but at the very least your memory, power stages and possibly inductors should all have thermal pads between them and the cold plate. If any are missing you can get odd throttling and fan behaviour. I would use plastic washers if you can, the article I linked has the new torque rating spec listed if you want to be precise with less concern over cracking the die, it may require some trial and error to get right.
  12. I think the guy suggests 3mil nylon washers, although apparently you can get shorter screws as well. He seemed to use 3 for the screws over the vrm and 2 for the gpu screws. When you disassembled the card did you check the thermal pads on the vrm? My friends 5700xt was missing a pad and was throttling while going to 100% fan speed because of that
  13. https://rog.asus.com/articles/gaming-graphics-cards/notice-thermal-performance-and-cooler-mounting-pressure-for-rog-strix-radeon-rx-5700-series-graphics-cards/ edit: or you could just do a washer mod to increase mounting pressure, but that would void warranty
  14. you could try the ryzen clock tuner application from 1usmus, the same person that made the ram calculator. It can test your cpu for silicon quality to estimate a good under-volt and then it will run tests in sequence at that voltage until it finds a somewhat stable clock for each core complex. This is time consuming but you can just set it and walk away, just come back later to see what it comes up with edit: you can also set your own voltages and see where that brings you, you can also set the tested clock close to what you think it will hit to save time
  15. The only way scalpers lose is if they hold stock too long and it becomes too difficult to buy up enough of it to limit supply. Normally physical locations could help alleviate the scalper problem somewhat by limiting hardware sales and being a slower moving inventory channel. Now, scalpers of the 6900xt 3rd party cards don’t seem to be doing well in my area. Guy that bought a card out from under me is still trying to flip it while I’ve already got my own through standard retail channels. Like the 3090 there’s limited interest in the halo products, too expensive for most of us so st