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  1. No I bought it from another second hand site. I'll take a look at the PCB, and if it doesn't say what manufacturer it is, I'll try dealing with the seller. Thank you for the help.
  2. Yes I have, it works fine. I thought that as well, but first I need to know the manufacturer of the memory on the card. GPU-Z doesn't show me the manufacturer, maybe this is due to the altered BIOS? Thanks again.
  3. Thanks for the reply. The shopping page clearly says it's a DVI-D to HDMI adapter, it has 10 5 star reviews and it works flawlessly when i connect my pc to other displays using it, so I'm pretty confident the adapter isn't the bad link here. I found out it was a mining card because I asked the seller what was wrong with it, since I couldn't get my drivers to install properly (error 43). He told me it was a mining card, and all I needed to do was patch the drivers. Now it performs fine, but it simply won't work with my LG. Also: the monitor beeps once when i turn it on with the PC connected, so
  4. Hey guys, This is my first post here, so I'm not sure if I'm posting it at the right location. I recently bought a used Dell Optiplex 9020 (i5 4670) for 80 bucks, and threw in an RX 470 for some light 1080p gaming. After some fiddling around with drivers I found out the card was used for mining. I patched the drivers and all seemed set. However, when I connect the PC to my LG 27UD88-W with a DVI-D to HDMI adapter, the monitor doesn't see it as an input. My roommates monitor as well as my TV do recognize it. I know the HDMI port on the LG is isn't faulty, since it recognizes other i
  5. Hey man, did this eventually end up working? My used-parts ghetto gaming PC is almost complete and I'm thinking of capping everything at 45 FPS, since 60 will be a no-go in most games @1080p maxed settings, and 30 is just a bit too meh. I've been looking all over the internet for this, but nobody seems to have an answer. Thanks!