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  1. I ended up with a Lennova Yoga 730. I was looking at BestBuy and trying out keyboards just to see how they feel and I got this machine for 800. Thanks for the help guys!
  2. I mean I wouldn't mind terrible battery life, I would probably be near an outlet when I'm working most of the time. As long as I could get like 2 hours of HTML and CSS coding out of it would be nice.
  3. I live in South Dakota, weight doesn't matter to me, I'd like a 15.6in display but not really important. I want a battery that would last 6 hours if possible.
  4. Hey guys, I'm currently working full time as well as getting an associates degree in Computer Programming. I usually use my desktop at home, but I've been spending so much time on the road and outside my house that I think a laptop might be in order for me to do schoolwork wherever. Right now we are working on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jquery, and some database design, next semester we will be doing C# I know for sure. Are there any requirements that I should be looking out for when I'm looking at a laptop? Ideally I would like at least 512 SSD, either an i3 or i5 (I think an i7 w