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  1. Have a look at Fortigate, and let both vendors know that you are cross shopping. This should help you get a pretty good deal on either of them. Ubiquiti's IPS functionality is not very good. I wouldn't mind the USG for a cheap 'dumb' firewall though. Personally I would place an amateurly managed pfSense install above either USG or Sonicwall, though. Seems like every customer that contacts me about packet loss issues is running a sonicwall.
  2. Windows 10 is pretty durable and already has generic drivers built in. I wouldn't be surprised if they just pop in an already formatted SSD and it boots right up.
  3. Bitwarden works great with Android, and uses Android's autofill api too. edit: I am not able to screenshot the authentication screen, but it does well with biometrics also.
  4. On windows 10, there is a Network Discovery feature turned on by default that can automatically install printers, assuming you will be satisfied with the universal drivers. If the network type is domain, guest, or public, you may need to manually toggle it on in the network & sharing center. From there, just hook one of the printers up to ethernet and see if it magically shows up.
  5. That's often the calling card of a firewall, or as a lower level alternative to something like an HTTP 403. Perhaps the BMC has some kind of whitelist? You might need to get a physical console connection. Often in the boot sequence of a server there is a separate 'press some key' to view the settings for the IPMI, just like with the bios and raid. You may need to reflash the firmware or something if you don't see anything obvious.
  6. On the SSL cert error page, there should be a little link you can click to 'connect anyways'. You could also try downgrading the connection from https to http by editing the url.
  7. I would not pay that much for a honeycomb desk. Keep an eye on your local local classifieds, though. The nearest Ikea is 300 miles away from me but their stuff comes up locally all the time.
  8. Macrium Reflect Free will do this from the running system and it works pretty well.
  9. You didn't mention what game you are running. Some anticheat software will interfere with recording. If the game is running 'as admin' and the recording software is not, it might not be able to see. Try setting OBS to capture the monitor instead of the game, as well.
  10. Since you are in the trades I would recommend one that isn't fragile. I used to wear my Citizen pulling network cables and it got all scratched up. that's just a standard watch so it's a cheap fix. Different story if your watchface is actually a screen. The Xiaomi Mi Band and some of the fitbit tracker models come to mind. Stay away from the samsung gear, apple watch, and most of the android watches which put a screen at the top of the watch. The xiaomi band, fitbit trackers, and garmin's lineup might be good to look at. Some of the garmins have dedicated buttons for music as well.
  11. Uncheck 'Listen to this device' in the Listen tab of the microphone properties.
  12. There are two types of mitigations: UPS mitigates against brownouts and short blackouts. For a long term blackout (longer than 20 minutes or so) its job is to give your equipment enough time to gracefully shut down or to keep it on just long enough for a generator to take over. You'll probably have these protecting just the circuits with your gear on them, and use a proper generator thereafter. Most UPSes are pretty clean but you have to make sure you get a generator that outputs a decent sine wave or your audio is going to be jacked. You NEED to consult with an actual co
  13. except that all the A records for linustechtips.com do point to cloudflare... Cloudflare only caches the most frequently requested parts of the website. Realistically we do not have insight into what CF is doing as users, but even if they are using the free tier all of the static elements of a page can be cached and cut down requests to the real server to just the content itself.
  14. I dont know where you live but in my area everyone and their mother is hiring. That said, I moved to this area because my hometown was too dry. If you have already started school, you should finish it. A degree only opens doors, even an associates. Would I would avoid are degree programs that train hard skills in certain technologies. Lots of guys who spent years in college learning Server 2003 and I wonder how much of that is still relevant.