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  1. Mark, I really appreciate your help and time and in this case it transpires I was a complete dumbass. At least I think I was. Back when I set up my computer I had two striped HDDs and later on I installed the SSD and it worked fine with no problems whatsoever. But when I did the firmware update it slowed down terribly. Then I updated BIOS and cleared to ensure I reinstall Windows afresh. I installed Windows something seemed off right away. Everything seemed to be working fine but something was off and I was started game with 90fps and then right down to 15-20 fps after a min or so. Then, in a
  2. Would that still happen even though i reinstalled windows? As in formatted the drive?
  3. Hi guys, a few days ago, I upgraded my Samsung 840 Evo firmware and immediately my PC suffered a huge FPS loss in that for example Valheim was pausing every few seconds. Then I reinstalled Windows. However, after the clean install I am having FPS issues all the time. For example, when I start playing World of Warplanes, I start off with 80 - 90 FPS, but it gradually goes down to 20 FPS, making it unplayable. For some reason, my PC seems slower overall. Since then, I reset my BIOS, just in case I messed up some settings and I only turned on XMP II. I also used DDU to reinstall my Nvidia drivers
  4. I have exactly the same error (with the same IDs). In step 14 what is the corresponding service? I couldn't make the link. 14. Look for the corresponding service that appears on the error viewer.15. Right click on it then click properties.16. Click security tab then click Add User. Add SYSTEM then apply.17. Tick the Activate local box.