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  1. It’s not available in my country what others options I have? Will a new 120mm cut the heat of 9700K?
  2. Reaches 90 degrees on full load,need a cooler in budget may be aio/tower cooler which supports 4ram slot clearance!
  3. Since i i installed a clean windows and started playing games and started rendering as well,my pc seems to feel less responsive or in some cases laggy,when i checked ram found two of them faulty send them to RMA but the other two r working fine still its very less reaponsive another thing when the pc turns on i hear clicking noises,can anyone help?
  4. Thnx to everyone for helping me out the power supply is more than enogh for my system been running fine from last 7days on games of high graphics and also for redering as well!
  5. In the website of asus its written 500W recomended + 100W for the cpu,r u sure 650 is fine at full load?
  6. no no no i'm getting the tx-650m tomorrow i hope its enough...
  7. i have these in my pc suddenly my pc started doing random restarts so i claimed rma as covid-19 is present in the world,product is short so they returned me money,now i have only 650watt in options only both of these corsair units,r u sure its enough?
  8. My Specs:- 1.i7 9700k-processor 2.z390f-mobo 3.gskill trident z 32gb(8X4)-ram 4.strix gtx1070ti 8gb-gpu 5.Hdd-2pcs 6.ssd sata-2pcs 7.ssd nvme-2pcs 8.aio-360mm 9.case fan 6pcs Shall i buy a corsair tx650m or rm650? plz answer keeping a budget in mind,i'm using no overclocks!
  9. i have a single addresable header how can i daisy chain them?
  10. i'm currently using asus rog strix z390f gaming motherboard which comes with a single addresable rgb header,now i'm planning to use the cooler master ml360r rgb liqued cooler ehich comes with an addresable rgb controller,along with this cooler i want to use 3 more addresable rgb fans in my casing,the cooler comes with a 4:1 argb splitter for all 4 connections of rgb including the pump,now shall i use a splitter in the controller again or is there any other way,and i want to know how addresable rgb works with aura sync?!
  11. thnx will try and let u knowm,also if u have any better ideas plz let me know!
  12. well to be honest couple of degrees wont be much bcz in both the games nfs heat and gears 5 it reaches 100 degrees,its a locked cpu and all the voltages in bios r in auto so any other suggestions?