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  1. I found this video that finally fixed the problem for me, however for anyone else looking at the post the first method without the third party software that uses disk manager will DELETE THE DATA on the drive but I was able to back my data up to a separate drive. Thanks for your help though.
  2. It doesn't seem to be working, also I've tried to expand the "mass storage" partition to get rid of the unallocated space but that also is grayed out.
  3. I built my PC several months ago and my 3 TB hard drive has always shown only 2 TB for some reason and I've tried to fix it by attempting (and failing) to convert it to a GPT disk (on Windows 10, I didn't specify) the "convert to GPT" disk option is grayed out. I'm wondering if the System Reserved partition on there has to do with anything. Any ideas?