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  1. My Budget for DAP is 500-700$ , oh yeah and i need some speaker recommendations , want to upgrade from Audioengine A2+ , And DAC+Ampli for desktop
  2. I’ll wait for iphone 13 then , Pixel is hard to find in my country , Thanks for the advice bro
  3. Hello... i want to buy Massdrop x Beyerdynamic DT 177X Go , anyone have tried it before ? If not i want some recommendations for portable AMP&DAC & DAP , i want to get maximum quality from that headphone , thanks
  4. I just want some daily driver for work and do gaming beetwen my work , also a decent camera , thanks
  5. Okay.. noted , i’ll think about it again ,currently im still comparing another phone besides those 2 , do you have some recommended phones besides those 2 ?
  6. Okay , to be honest s pen doesnt even matter to me same goes with screen , i’ll grab huawei then , thank you for the recommendation
  7. Im from indonesia , and not really depending on g apps , i rarely use google services tho
  8. Couples month ago i decided to upgrade my iPhone 7+ to iPhone 12 but the recent leak is disappointing me , planning to hold it to iPhone 13 or 14 , so i decided to upgrade to android phone , i need some reccomendation for upgrading my phone , Samsung Note 20 Ultra & Huawei P40 Pro+ , Which one is more worth it ? Thank you
  9. Sorry for the late replies , i dont know if the liquid is nonconductive tho , thanks for the information bro , i dont have to scare now after buying aio
  10. Okay then , Thanks for the help mate , will try it as soon when my aio is delivered to me
  11. Okay , thanks mate , will add that to my list
  12. If i just want to test if my AIO is leaking or not , i just have to connect it to PSU and then Turn on the PSU right ?
  13. U mean just connecting the cooler to PSU Sata connector only right ? I dont have to connect cpu fan connector to mobo right ?
  14. I want to know if there is a way to test AIO before Installing it to PC , cuz in scared of chance i got defected product , Appreciate for the help Thanks ^_^
  15. Other headphone on my list is Sony WF-1000XM3