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    the Netherworl...I mean lands
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    Consumer of Coffee, Connaisseur of Cats, Biased towards Bunnies, Fanatic of Films, Hound of Horror, Afictionado of Art, Devotee of DIY, Purveyor of Puns, Admirer of Alliteration
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    I'm Dutch. I've always had an affinity for technology and media, which resulted in my obtaining a degree in communication. I've only recently gotten into the hardware side of things and have to actively restrain myself from just going and trying to build every case mod I've come up with in the past couple of months...
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    Service and tech support


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    AMD Ryzen 5 2600
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    Sapphire Nitro+ Radeon RX 580 8GB
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    Corsair RM550x
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    Iiyama Prolite B2783QSU-B1
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    Be Quiet Shadow Rock 2
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    Some Trust keyboard
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    Random Trust one
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    Windows 10 Home 64-bit

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  1. I was in a similar boat, I received my tracking link on the 22nd of December and didn't receive an update for weeks. Now that the package has been delivered, a full timeline has appeared, but even with that it took until the 8th of January before any update came. That's two and a half weeks (albeit with Christmas included) with zero updates and even then it would take 10 more days before I was informed about the package's upcoming delivery through my postal service's app. In the end, I received my package on the 20th, a month after ordering. (and since this was a desk pad and not sometjhing vi
  2. I think you misunderstand my comment. I know why they are benefitting, I just don't like that they are. I don't like Gamestop is all.
  3. Weirdly, this is the thing that upsets me most about this: I'm really happy that hedge funds are sweating and thousands more arent's added to the unemployment pool in an uncertain economic time, but why did Gamestop of all game-related companies get to be the one that benefits? Like, couldn't they have waited for a nice company to nearly topple? Aside from that, all this talk about potential legal issues seems to be predicated on the notion that LTT does not have any form of a legal department which might inform Linus of any potential issues. Hell, for all we know Linu
  4. I've heard of three of them, and in all cases it's only because they have been in the news for some reason or another. Dr. Disrespect got some heat at a con for streaming from the toilets, Ninja doesn't understand the concept of non-competitive gaming and Riot had a walkout over harassment accusations. Also, they announced a bunch of League of Legends tie-in games that read suspiciously like they had been copying Blizzard's homework. All that said, I'm not surprised by that fact as I don't use Twitch and my only interaction with Twitch streams is through Youtube.
  5. To be honest, over here in the Netherlands the government had lowered max speed during the daytime around the time Corona hit (it was an unrelated reason, just happened to coincide) and I've got to say that as someone with a long (50+ mins both ways) commute, I'm barely noticing any difference in travel time. My guess is that it's because most drivers don't spend as much time driving at the maximum allowable motorway speed as they may think between having to deal with other traffic and the time spent driving on other roads (statistically, very few people live directly next to the motorway). Be
  6. If I were in a situation where I wouldn't be allowed to leave the house (over here we never strictly went to a full lockdown), I'd start reading the collection of books that has been steadily gathering dust over the past 10 years. Failing that, I'd probably practice drawing again. As a result of my situation, however, I've been keeping myself entertained with the following: - Dungeons and Dragons (the other half of our play group liver 3 houses down the street and it's easy to do this while socially distanced) - Board games with the wife - So. Many. DIY. Projects.
  7. I'm currently using the ringtone from One Missed Call as my ringtone: And the Wilhelm Scream as my notification sound:
  8. I used to work two jobs that both involved a lot of cutting boxes and the like. I got a decent pocket knife because I have small shovels big hands and the "knife" provided by my employer was a metal frame that could hold a razor blade and not much more. Because I used it for both jobs, I kinda just developed a habit of carrying it with me wherever I went without really thinking about it. It would occasionally cause some issues when going to a club with my mates (thankfully I usually remembered to leave it in my car), but for the most part it was just a tool I'd use at work.
  9. Back when I played WoW I remember someone suggesting to Blizzard that they "push the satellite a little to the left" so Chinese gold farmers couldn't access the game anymore. I say this is an idea that deserves to be looked into a bit more.
  10. Are you sure? Because I remember them justifying the high PS3 price tag by saying that they "just wanted the public to want the machine for longer" Among other interesting PR decisions.
  11. Not to veer into the politics behind the stated reason for the delay, this wouldn't be the first time that Sony would change their marketing strategy after(expected) social backlash. In fact, thay appear to have pulled both these ads: (spoilered for image size reasons) In addition, it doesn't take a marketing genius to determine that going ahead as planned would have seen the PS5 hype drowned out by bigger news stories even before the inevitable "oh look, Sony's being tone-deaf in its marketing again!" stories would pop up. If Sony went ahead and held the eve
  12. Mostly - it depicted the war that served as the setting for the first game along with a lot of elements that were later retroactively added to the lore. The first game had a very rudimentary plot that IIRC didn't have a canonical ending with one side winning until the second game was released. I could be wrong here, it's been a few decades since I played it. I can recommend Diablo 2 - it stands as one of the games that kept my attention for the longest time. It's also the one game for which I own all the tie-in novels because I love the story and setting as much as I do. Un
  13. Honestly, I'm kinda surprised they didn't do this as a tie-in for the Warcraft movie a few years ago. As for why they chose this: I'm fully in agreement with Jack_of_all_Trades - Warcraft 3 still had tens of thousands of players at the time of this decision, and they needed something punchy to get players hyped in case their other big Blizzcon announcement (Diablo "Do you guys not have phones" Immortal) fell through. 2018's Blizzcon didn't really have anything out of the ordinary beyond those two: a new Overwatch hero, a new Hearthstone expansion and an ETA for WOW Classic. Battle
  14. I know that our countries participated in the World Cup match with the highest amount of cards handed out in history. Aside from that, it stands as one of the few European countries I've yet to visit.
  15. Couldn't agree more. Adding content to an existing game is not the same as releasing one. The last game Blizzard made was Overwatch in 2016 and before that, Hearthstone in 2014 and Diablo 3 in 2012. Everything after was either an expansion to an existing title or a remaster of an old one. Blizzard used to make great games now they just try to wring as much profit out of their old and existing properties as they can. Speaking of which... I most certainly would argue that the ability to modify a game makes it better than curtailing that ability. The fact that games like the o