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    United States
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    PCs, 3D printing, math, CAD & gaming


  • CPU
    Intel Core i5-4590
  • Motherboard
    some old dell motherboard
  • RAM
    16GB 1600Mhz DDR3
  • GPU
    sold mine :P
  • Case
    Dell Optiplex 3020 SFF
  • Storage
    Kingston A400 500GB
  • PSU
    250w dell stock PSU
  • Display(s)
    ACER SB22... somethin
  • Cooling
    Stock cooler with new fan
  • Keyboard
    custom 60%
  • Mouse
    Corsair Harpoon RGB
  • Sound
    Corsair Virtuoso RGB
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 & Ubuntu 20.10
  • Laptop
    ASUS Vivobook 17 2019
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  1. I have heard amazing things about the N1 and it's water cooling potential, however, it is 12.7 liters, far from ideal for me.
  2. what, I dont understand you, could you rephrase?
  3. As long as it is a 3070, I am willing to go
  4. Heya I am planning on building an SFF rig that is as small as possible and still has an RTX 3070 and a 5600X in it. What is the smallest case that can fit one? Right now I have the Velka 5 V2 in mind. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  5. does anyone have more detailed instructions on how to get retroarch on the xbox, or how to get the games on the external hdd
  6. what is the song in the beginning? I would love to listen to that @AlexTheGreatish. Thanks!
  7. I have a strafe rgb from corsair and ever since I updated to windows 10 ver.1909, the escape key has beenn actinng like play/pause media key there are no macros that are bound with the escape key
  8. wedgevic

    rgb header

    yeah, but I want to use it with the iCue software and my motherboard's rgb header is broken
  9. wedgevic

    rgb header

    It is from the three fans from the corsair spec delta rgb