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  1. When i game it vary between 45-65 (depend on the game). But then why is getting me the ram post error light on my mobo? cause i'm pretty sure my ram oc is nice. Do you have any suggestion?
  2. I just overclock my cpu ( ryzen 2700x) to 4.3 GHz voltage is 1.45 and my ram is running at 3200 MHz cl 16 at 1.35V (trident z rgb). But I don't know why when I start gaming a while, I have a black screen and my motherboard is posting a ram issue code. (asus rog x470-f) . What is my proplem??
  3. So its been a long time i'm gaming in my r7 2700x, but i heard that the new gen ryzen is better for gaming. does it really have a difference for gaming compared to 3600x
  4. Thanks you i finally bought the pc37x. Its simple and sound good. And last question: Does i need an amp or dac for the 58x for the good quality sound or it work fine directly to the mobo?
  5. Personally i really don't like the desgn of the Turtle beach . May they are cheap and good but they look really cheap.
  6. and airflow wise its a good case so don't worry
  7. i really like it design and its very good for its price but i heard it has some trouble with wireless connection and also i really want something with lest latency possible.
  8. Want to buy a gaming headset. I'm hesitating between these headset: MASSDROP X SENNHEISER PC37X MASSDROP X SENNHEISER HD 58X JUBILEE (i know its not a gaming based headset but it has a good quality audio) Fnatic react Any other suggestion??
  9. My budget is 500$ for the gpu so you know. I want someting that is worth my money and that is enough to play my game without any hassle. I have a 144hz screen and play generally gpu intensive games
  10. So basicly the powerful card but which one deliver better performance for AAA games and competitive game. Do you have some benchmark? Which one should I choose? RED TEAM OR GREEN TEAM?
  11. You sure because i already open the gpu. Wouldn't be stupid to ask them a replacement?
  12. do you know where i can find rtx founder edition gpu screw for backplate. I search alot and didn't find it.
  13. the thing is that is your running a gpu that has a low rate tdp that high and card like rtx series or other
  14. I will give you my result when i finish everyting. Now im filling my loop so...