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  1. Tomahawk board gets my vote. This thing has been solid, used a 1800x in it and now a 3600 with no issues at all.
  2. Get a b450 tomahawk and flash via usb. It’s duper easy to do and the board is solid. I use it, no issues at all
  3. Get the 3600, you’ll be happy with it. I don’t regret buying it at all.
  4. Seriously man, the improvement in single threaded performance is big with the 3rd gen ryzen. You get single threaded increase plus a clock speed increase. I game on a 144hz monitor and it’s a big jump from 1st to 3rd gen
  5. I went from a 1800x to the 3600 and it was a huge improvement gaming
  6. I went with the 3600 because I didn’t see a big difference in game benchmarks and it’s $129 cheaper. I’d rather save that and use it towards the next upgrade
  7. 100%. I ran it on a ryzen 7 1800x and a 2060 at 1080p and stayed above 90fps with render scale at 120, AA,AF, textures and view distance at ultra, the rest on very low. Your cpu is faster then the 1800x single threaded by a good bit. I have a ryzen 3600 now and on the same settings stay about 110-150 depending what’s going on with the same settings. Your cpu is more then enough to run it good. I know vikendi runs like shit so I’d try to test it on erangel or sanhok
  8. For $165 I don’t think it’s worth it. What’s the difference 10% ? Ryzen 1000 to ryzen 3000 however is totally worth it for 144 FPS gaming
  9. I have a b450 tomahawk and haven’t had an issue restarting from within windows. I’ll try it again when I get home from work to make sure Have you done all the updates for your board? There was a update before ryzen launched and another afterwards, don’t know if that has anything to do with this or not but welcome to being an early adopter dealing with bugs.
  10. That’s just how it works. As long as your temps are in line I wouldn’t worry about it
  11. Is the monitor 1080p or 1440p? You need 16gb of ram. Your frame rate should be way higher running it on potato settings.
  12. B450 tomahawk and 3600. It’s the combo I use and it’s been great so far for gaming
  13. This is a tough one because your ram speed is pretty slow for a ryzen build. Do think you could off the old stuff your using and get new ram at the same time?
  14. My ryzen master works fine on the b450 tomahawk and 3600 cpu. Same with hwinfo, have you deleted and reinstalled ryzen master? I had to do that for it to work right
  15. I went from 1800x to 3600 for gaming and noticed a huge difference. I’m sure workstation wise will be the same. I say go for it, update your bios if you can and put the new cpu in it
  16. I went from the 1800x to the 3600 and noticed a big difference gaming. I’d go 3600 for sure
  17. Trust me I was shocked when I saw it too. I ran it for a day with the stock paste and kept getting the same results so I swapped it out with new paste. Temps didn’t improve and I used it for another day just to confirm it wasn’t me being stupid somehow. I also went into the bios and manually set the voltage to not go over 1.35 volts and it stayed the same temp wise but then it wouldn’t turbo boost at all. It would stay at 3.6ghz. I thought it was the voltage which does go up past 1.4 volts. I honestly don’t know how good or bad the other wraith coolers are. If I didn’
  18. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.techspot.com/amp/review/1871-amd-ryzen-3600/ they got the same results that I did with the stock cooler. Definitely not me. I replaced the thermal paste, and I have more then enough airflow in my case
  19. The stock cooler is complete trash. I have the same cpu on a b450 tomahawk at stock setting and it would hit 84c playing siege online. I put a single fan coolermaster 120 aio on it today and it stayed at 60c when playing R6 online, that was after 4 hours. That 84c was in a fractal design focus g case with 4 Corsair ll120 fans, 2 intake and 2 exhaust. I don’t know what safe operating temps are for ryzen 3000 but I don’t like my pc being that hot. It was dumping hot ass air out of the exhaust, like hot to the touch.
  20. Curious as to what you all are getting temp wise on your ryzen cpus while gaming and what cooler your using. My 3600 at stock settings with the stock cooler i saw it hit 83c as the highest temp over a period of 4 hours playing siege online. It stayed between 4 and 4.2ghz this whole time also.
  21. The ram is in slot 2 and 4? You said before you tried it with one stick and it wouldn’t boot but now it does? Just trying to figure this out
  22. Get the 3600 and spend the saved money on games
  23. What do you need feature wise on the board ? That’s the real question. If it’s nothing special then get a b450 board a 3700x and call it a day.
  24. It’s fake. Seriously you can’t think this is real