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  1. The newest game that I play is Bro Falls. Other than that it's DBD, Siege, Pub g, BF4, FO3/NV. I haven't been excited to play anything new. Tried the BF2042 beta and that was trash, apex has awful server issues and the ranked play is a fucking grind fest. Warzone is full of cheaters still, New World is a grind fest.


    It sucks because I have a total overkill pc for the games I play. Bought a 200hz ultrawide monitor looking forward to BF2042 for basically nothing. Oh well eventually something will come along, hopefully sooner than later

  2. 19 hours ago, eventualpilot said:

    Decided to expand the budget a bit due to desire for 120hz refresh rate.


    Looking at the Sony X85J in 43" or 50" ($649/$749).


    Possibly the 55" Hisense U8G ($849) or the 50" Sony X90J ($899), but that depends on if Black Friday pricing decreases from the current.

    Hisense for sure. I had the H8G and that tv was really nice. Brightness was crazy on it and hdr stuff looked great. Unfortunately the wife's dog broke it so I bought an OLED. 

  3. On 10/17/2021 at 2:45 PM, BotDamian said:


    I'm looking for some games to play for my APU build.

    Games I've played + performance (Low settings)
    Valorant 130-160fps 1080p 

    CSGO 250-300fps 1080p

    Warzone (MP) 60-100fps 720p

    Robocraft 300fps+ 1080p (Fells smooth too)

    Warface 150fps 1080p (This feels the smoothest, better than CSGO)


    For people who care

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    AMD 5600G

    Gigabyte B550I Aorux AX

    G.Skill Trident Z 4400Mhz CL17 Royal Silver
    BeQuiet Pure Power 400Watt CM

    Metallic Gear Neo Mini
    Custom Watecooling with 280mm rad in the front

    Auto OC up to 4.45Ghz

    2200Mhz Core Clock

    4200Mhz DDR4

    2100Mhz IF Clock

    SOC 1.15v

    Core 1.2v




    Rainbow six siege should run fine on there and the game is always on sale somewhere 

  4. On 10/17/2021 at 1:46 AM, ShebuAli said:

    I am looking for game recommendations, I am looking for games similar to Conflict desert storm series which must have the squad based mechanics of the series, comment any game you recommend, from 2001 onwards.

    Do you have people to play with already or you want to jump into something new solo? 

  5. 3 hours ago, MCJlow1 said:

    Hey so turns out everything is ok aparently with thermal and fans but its still hot and gpu still runs low when I play for a while, I dont know why that happens

    That thing is far from ok thermally. Look at the gpu clockspeed

  6. 2 minutes ago, GloriousGamer321 said:

    well you have a asus motherboard

    Good comeback. It came in a POS asus prebuilt that I bought to get a rtx 3070 this year. I just edited my sig, I swapped it out monday of this week. I've emailed asus numerous times about a bios update for the board but they put a custom bios on it because it's a prebuilt, I've heard nothing back from them about it.

  7. 14 hours ago, Ilai301207 said:

    But since they are so stupid, they scratched the card's connector and Asus won't take it. Therefore, they gave me the option to take a MSI ventus x3 3070 ti. Should I fight over getting something else or just take this card?

    Thanks in advanced!

    This is why I don't support asus, only reason I have their B560 board is it came in the pre built I bought and I haven't swapped it out yet. Their warranty service is shit. I'd get the msi 3070ti, sell it brand new unopened and buy an evga card so you get a good warranty in case you ever need it. F Asus