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  1. I've never done an event as a photographer, but I would like to start to look for small gigs asap. Does anyone here have experience in terms of arranging an event photography with a client? Like going to an event and photographing it. If you could help me know which are the questions I should ask my future clients when it comes to things like photos size they want, their format, how to deliver the photos to the client, and such? Basically a short run down as to how the conversation should go (overall) when asking the client for what they want when it comes to the photos I will be taking. Basic
  2. I have a very slow system and I was thinking adding 16gb more of more RAM could give it a kick. HP pro 6300 SFF i7-3770 (non K) It's a very old system so this is the fastest CPU my mobo can use. GTX 1050 ti 4gb 16gb DDR3 Ram 500 gb SSD So, is 32gb RAM an overkill for this? Thanks I mainly use it for 1080p video processing, but some gaming here and there. Currently playing Destiny 2. P.S: Question, other than cpu, gpu, and ram, what else can give a system like this a bump in performance? Thanks in advance.
  3. I'm new to the gaming side of PC's. I used to play video games as a kid but stopped playing right around the time the PS2 came out. I'm looking to play pc games to kill time before bed, but every game I try are so complex to me. I really like that games have such high graphics nowadays, but the mechanics of the games are too complex for my limited understanding. Can you recommend games that are first person and open world but that are simple. My main set back with nowadays games is that they require you to learn so many different stuff just to get through the game. No 2D or retro games please.
  4. I have an in integrated graphics card in my motherboard and a dedicated graphics card as well and I use two monitors, both are plugged to my dedicated graphics card (GTX 1050 ti). Would it be less of a load on my dedicated graphics card if I plug one monitor to dedicated graphics card and one monitor to the integrated graphics card? Or would it not make a difference? Thank you in advance.
  5. What about the i7-3770K version? Would it work the same as the 3770?
  6. Thank you man. Very helpful. I can finally narrow my options. ?
  7. I'm looking to upgrade the CPU in my pc and I wanted to make sure it's compatible before I buy it. The PC itself is a custom built I bought off eBay. It's really confusing to me because when I look up the CPU that is currently in use in my motherboard is a i5-3470 and when I look up the socket type for this on google, it says it "sockets supported: FCLGA1155" Link for this https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/products/68316/intel-core-i5-3470-processor-6m-cache-up-to-3-60-ghz.html When I look online at the manual for my PC model, which is HP PRO 6300 SFF, it
  8. I'm running a i5-3470 on my pc with a gtx 1050 ti 4gb and 16gb of RAM. Will upgrading the CPU to an i7-4790 help with faster video render times? Will it make that much of a difference? Thank you.
  9. Thank you for that. I benchmarked the four cards combine and the 2x8gb separatedly and I get a lower FPS when I combine the 4 cards than when I just use the 2x8gb only. Is it safe to assume that I'm better off using the 2x8gb cards alone?
  10. How can you tell? I'd like to learn how one can know.
  11. I upgraded my RAM on my PC from 4gb to 16gb and I was wondering if I can mix these 2x2gb with the 2x8gb cards. Here are the two CPU-Z screenshots. Thanks.
  12. Thanks, that makes me a happy puppy. I decided to benchmark it, and I got very similar results. But by the way, I am using two monitors as one 3840x1080p with a MSI GTX Geforce 1050 ti Low Profile and an i5-3470 right as I type this. Blessings.
  13. One quick question. When using dual monitors, which of these two activities is heavier on the GPU? Using the two monitors as a duo but in 1080p each monitor or using both monitors as one in 3840x1080p resolution? Thanks.
  14. Hello. I need advice on choosing the right CPU. My setup is a base HP Pro 6300 SFF with a GTX 1050 ti 4GB, 16GB of RAM, and an i5-3470 in it; so I guess I'm limited to Intel CPU's? I'm looking to upgrade the processor for the purpose of faster video editing and processing. I record my videos in 2.7K and render the video in 1080p, and I use Vegas Pro 17 for that. What would be a good CPU to upgrade to from my i5-3470 that is in the $100-$150-ish range that would allow me to get faster rendering speeds editing 4K video for example? Hopefully I'm not asking to much of you. My other question is, w
  15. I just tested that and yes, both monitors look equally bad when plugged by VGA. Anything else I could try?