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  • CPU
    Intel i7 8700k
  • Motherboard
    Msi z370 krait gaming
  • GPU
    Msi rtx 2060 ventus oc
  • PSU
    Cooler Master MWE Gold 650 Watt Fully Modular
  • Operating System
    Windows 10
  1. Yes it in the desk but it wont be like that it be like a normal case and gonna be mounted vertical instead. So I won't need extra cables and I had a plan to keep it small. I just need ideas for the slots of gpu like do i just make a rectangle or should i put like a lip so i can screw the gpu bracket down so it wont sag. And any idea how to do this?
  2. Hey I'm building my computer in my desk which would be out of wood. My plan is making everything out of 1/2 inch wood. So I came over few questions about how to install some of the components. I was wondering if anyone know how to make a gpu slot or whatever you wanna called it on the wood so the gpu wouldn't bend? The motherboard is gonna be vertical but I don't wanna make the gpu vertically too in case I wanna expand on the other slots later on. Any advice? And any advice on power supply in 1/2 inch wood too? Would I need a longer screw for power supply than or just thinner wood? Thanks in a
  3. It's a new pc built like 2 weeks ago all I did was adding a hdd to it. Everything else is fine thou.
  4. The hard drive I think it a faulty hard drive now.
  5. Hey guys, I'm installing a second hdd to my system. My bott drive is a 500gbs m.2 so. But anyways when I plug everything in when I go to turn on pc the power light turn on for a second and fan started to spin but than everything went dark on me. And just stop. Than i decided to do another port on the motherboard for the hdd but i switch the sata 3 port to hot plug. So than when I did that computer started to actually boot but by the time I looked at the monitor it started to smoke. What could be wrong the raid setting is on ahci so I'm not sure if I have to change that there only 0 1 or 10 so
  6. No the monitors aren't including in the build list
  7. Hey my father want a pc for iracing. That able to do 4 monitors at once. And dont need to be upgraded for 4 years. Does anyone can give me a great part list for a pc for iracing? Have to be under $1,000. And good graphics.
  8. Hey I'm looking to get the nzxt h1 case whenever it come out. So I have a computer that has like I believe it is a 2tb hard drive, and the h1 case only have 2 2.5" bays and my hdd is a 3.5". Is there any easy ways to transfer the data over to a SSD? This hard drive has all my games on it but I bet I can redownload everything on the SSD once I get it but I don't want to redownload everything.
  9. Hey I built a computer like few months ago. No trouble with it until like 2-3 weeks ago. Its start when I was playing city skylines and it restart after 40 mins of gameplay. Saw graphics was high when this happened so I lowered the graphics. Now few weeks later, playing satisfactory and now it restart after within 5 mins of gameplay. Now I'm also using a meter to check the watts of it. Its shows the max 300W throughout. Can anyone tell me what could it be? Its NOT over heating that for sure. I monitoring the temperature so not over heating. My parts: Msi krait motherboard z370
  10. Ok so I have this motherboard msi z370 krait gaming. I went on there page and under support and they have video cards on the compatibility. Now I want to get the msi rtx 2060 ventus. Now because it's not under the compatibility of the motherboard should it still works or do I need to get a compatible video card?
  11. Hey I'm new to water cooling, but I know I would rather do a water system since i have the i7 8700k and got told it does run very hot. So I need help picking out which one I should get for my build. I'm down to two but would like to know what people think. I either want the ekwb ek fluid gaming A240 complete dual 120mm water/liquid cooling kit 240mm, or should I get the cooler master masterliquid lite ML240L RGB AIO cpu liquid cooler? I'm also going to get the msi geforce Rtx 2060 ventus 6g OC video card too but not gonna water cool my video card for now.
  12. Hi, I want to know for a beginner of using water cooling but also wants a great performance. Which should I uses, a custom water loop or an AIO water cooling? I'm using the i7 8700k cpu and that is all I'm gonna water cooled for now.
  13. Ok, I'm building a desktop computer, and I have already picked out few parts for it. Right now I came into a problem which I never heard of before. I picked a cpu which is intel core i7 8700k coffee lake 6 core cpu, I went on intel site and its states that cpu would only work with ddr4 2666 ram. Now I already try reach out to intel about this but they said it's only work with that type of ram. Now I had watch people use the same motherboard and cpu and uses a different kind of ram like ddr4 3200. So my question is can I uses a different ram then 2666? I actually just wanna put in ddr4 3200 tho