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    Psycrovv got a reaction from freeagent in Best Cpu cooler paste   
    Yes i know its a mismatchs but i dont like these Aio coolers or water systems..for me water dosent belong in hardware..1 faulty water drop and its bye bye 3080 ti rtx $$$$$
    Also noctue is the best aircooler out there with several winning awards. So im loyal to ther products
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    Psycrovv reacted to WoodenMarker in Best Cpu cooler paste   
    The P500A DRGB would be better for cooling. 
    It's a bit strange that you mind covering the Royal TridentZ when using noctua fans with their brown and beige colors but it's up to you what looks good. 
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    Psycrovv reacted to freeagent in Best Cpu cooler paste   
    Well.. this was my first set of DDR4 so I thought I would treat myself. I was also running a Thermalright Le Grand Macho RT with a TY-143, which has a sweet offset that lets you see your ram. If I took off the front fan on my current cooler you could see them. But I honestly give no fucks about the lights.. I just wanted the performance. That set of 3200C14 is testing @ 4466 C17 right now.. Next bump is C18 @ 4533.. but I have my doubts it will run.
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    Psycrovv got a reaction from WoodenMarker in Best Cpu cooler paste   
    Im gona use either Cooler Master MasterBox MB520 or Phanteks Eclipse P500A DRGB
    I cant choose cuz i like coolermaster and have allways used ther cases. So I feel wierd to buy another brand 😄
    Like im cheating in a releationship 😄
    It might fit on the mobo but then it will hide the Gskill royal trident Z ram blocks.
    Just look at Freeagants profile picture that reminds me of my old pc..it was also like that haha
    https://ncc.noctua.at/cpus/model/Intel-Core-i9-11900K-1288  169  vs 183 score
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    Psycrovv reacted to Kinda Bottlenecked in Best Cpu cooler paste   
    You should use the thermal paste that comes with the nhu 12a. No need to buy your own. The difference between the nt-h1 and h2 is sooo tiny. 
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    Psycrovv reacted to freeagent in Best Cpu cooler paste   
    There is no replacement for displacement.
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    Psycrovv reacted to gumpAUT in Best Cpu cooler paste   
    The best thermal pastes in my opinion:
    - Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut Extreme
    - Arctic MX-5
    - Noctua NT-H2
    My favourite is the NT-H2
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    Psycrovv reacted to coreygibson in Best Cpu cooler paste   
    Grab a U14 then, the 11900k is a pretty hot chip.
    also, the noctua paste that comes with the cooler is very good
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    Psycrovv reacted to YoungBlade in Best Cpu cooler paste   
    This is such a bizarre thread. Everyone's just like, "Yeah, whatever works is fine. It's no big deal." Where's the fanboying and "well actually"-ing and talking down to people who have a different opinion? Is the Internet broken?
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    Psycrovv reacted to Demonic Donut in Best Cpu cooler paste   
    Smaller size is fine, 1 gram is plenty for a few applications.
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    Psycrovv reacted to Jeppes in Best Cpu cooler paste   
    You dont really need the best. Most coolers come with good enough paste.
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    Psycrovv reacted to Demonic Donut in Best Cpu cooler paste   
    Any popular paste is fine. Can't go wrong with Thermal Grizzly. Arctic mx-5 is quite popular and offers great price to performance. I use Noctua H2 on everything except my GPU die, which has Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut.
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    Psycrovv reacted to Middcore in Best Cpu cooler paste   
    The difference in temps between the "best" thermal paste and an "OK" thermal paste is like a couple degrees. 
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    Psycrovv reacted to curiousmind34 in Best Cpu cooler paste   
    Take the extra money you have for the cooler and go from the u12a to a d15, the noctua thermal paste is pretty good and I would not go out and buy a different one.
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    Psycrovv reacted to Didrik in Best Cpu cooler paste   
    thermal grizzly kryonaut is the  best syntetic non conductive paste i belive.
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    Psycrovv reacted to ShrimpBrime in New pc motherboards. Second opinions !   
    Maximus XIII Extreme.
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    Psycrovv reacted to Caroline in Ghost in the shells   
    LoL and Reddit
    Ahh what a bunch of lovely communities
    About the text couldn't it be some kind of macro that's triggered by a key combination?
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    Psycrovv reacted to jones177 in 2.1 hdmi 4k monitors   
    There is only one choice here.
    LG 27GP950-B: I like this one. 
    M28U Gaming Monitor: Only 8 bit so no. 
    Nitro XV282K KV: It has FreeSync Premium. This would be great if the monitor was a lot cheaper. 
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    Psycrovv reacted to Bombastinator in 2.1 hdmi 4k monitors   
    ? I don’t understand.
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    Psycrovv reacted to e22big in 2.1 hdmi 4k monitors   
    Specwise, they are all the same (typically), none of them have anything close to true black (contrast and peak brightness tends to be the only differentiation betwen models - but even so the differences are very small) 
    Manufactuerer's warranty, size, price, feature and asthetic tends to be the the criteria I used when looking for a new monitor. Adaptive Sync tends not to be made equal among the manufacturers so that'll be the first thing that I will take a look. Other than that something with decent HDR (HDR600 or close to) would be a plus, particularly if you don't have a TV to otherwise play a HDR content on, some less known feature like the support for 24p (for if you want to watch a Bluray film) would probably worth some consideration.
    But for Gigabyte model in particular, you should also check if it has BRG or RGB subpixel. BRG subpixel will cause text to become blurry in some application and at best it will just not looks as sharp as with the native RGB. Not a deal breaker, but a huge downgrade for anything smaller than 40 inch, if the monitor use BRG it better be dirt cheap compared to anything with a similar spec
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    Psycrovv reacted to Stahlmann in 2.1 hdmi 4k monitors   
    I have the LG 27GN850, which is basically exactly the same as the 27GP950 but without HDMI 2.1.
    It's a great 4K gaming montor.
    If you can find a 27GP950 anywhere then i'd go for it.
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    Psycrovv reacted to tdkid in Best case ever !   
    the "best case ever" doesnt really exist because that is a pure opinion question. some people like a case for one reason and others might not like it for the exact same reason. its just a matter of opinion. for me the best case is the corsair 1000D as i can have 13 fans as stock, 34 with changing a fan tray and adding watercooling, 8 SSD slots and 5 HDD slots. the issues is that this case is $500 and is a super tower not a mid tower like you were looking for.
    any other details you want to mention like how many HDD/SSD spots you need or want? what about the side panel (tempered glass, acrylic or solid)? any color? you said price is not a problem but is there a limit on what you are willing to spend?
    using pcpartpicker.com i have narrowed down a list of over 4300 cases (some duplicates of course on the site) down to just over 950 cases. so a little more info could be helpful.
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    Psycrovv reacted to HelpfulTechWizard in Best case ever !   
    Theres virsions of both that have them. Untinted and dark tinted, in both white and black
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    Psycrovv reacted to Tech87 in Best case ever !   
    Lian Li lancool mesh 2, Phanteks 400a digital
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    Psycrovv reacted to Chris Pratt in Best case ever !   
    Corsair 4000X, maybe?